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The Overkill thread

Typo fixed, thanks. Argh the HMG crosshairlessness bug Tongue i keep forgetting abt it as it only happen with per-weapon crosshairs turned on, and i never use that xD Thanks for the reminder. As for grenades, they will get some update for sure, im just not sure what yet. Removing them is not really an option at this point and besides hitting someone across the map with a nex-nade is just to much fun Wink

Smoke grenades have the obvious problem of being easy to deafest with a "toggle cl_particles 0 0.5" bind. Napalm could work, tough making it decently liquid-like and still react to things touching it does sound like quite a challenge.

Yikes, another typo in "3 hit multikill" - it says "hell yeh" - missing "a".

haha, thanks - while at it, "X hit multikill" it a award formation. ideas for better one/s are welcome.

*awr* Nice, seeing progress in this.

Are you coding this for Overkill only, or will it find the way into the other gamemodes as well?
And: are these comments only (like "Did Yoda show you this"), or some storable cvars?
[Image: Sigsig.jpg]

Quote:deas for better one/s are welcome.

Maybe this? If it catches on, it could be made default.

At the moment its Overkill only, and only for overkill grenade kills too. But once its stable and more generic (and if there's a wish for it) i see no reason not to port/merge this part into master.

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