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[NEEDS INFO] Internet crash 5 - 10 minutes into match

Hello all,

I just started playing Xonotic today actually, but I am experiencing a problem. I can run the game fine, server list generates quickly, and ping isn't bad and what have you, but in every game I've played so far, my internet connection would crash, and the stopwatch/speedometer would come up in game. I proceed to quit Xonotic and wait for my connection to come back on its own (Which it has done every time). I have tried sending less packets than default (60) down to 30, and it hasn't prevented the problem.

Any wisdom to be shed on the matter? I really like the game and hope to be able to play it to it's fullest!

Thanks Big Grin

Would be more helpful to know your system and connection stats. But so far looks like your firewall/router blocks Xon traffic

Eh, a firewall or router blocking traffic after ten minutes? Sounds pretty slow Tongue

Serok, can you locate where in your network the block occurs? I'm assuming you have the classic setup PC <--> Router <--> Modem <--> Internet or maybe your router and modem are merged. Is it your PC that's disconnecting from the network, or is it the router's link that goes down? Does internet crash for every computer in your network when you play Xonotic, or does it only affect you?

This sounds so familiar. Wireless?

I have a very decent computer and internet connection, not the best, but it is 8 mbps down and 3 mpbs up. It is not wireless, I have my computer to internet through an Ethernet cord that goes straight to my modem. The modem is a router at the same time, but nonetheless, I have a cord going to it.

I haven't gone to see if any other computer was affected, as it normally fixes it self quickly.

I will try going into my firewall and seeing what is up there.

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