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[Duel/FFA] Imprisoned

GJ Justin! Great map, both gameplay-wise and visually.

I am lucky to have stumbled on this excellent map. Thank you, Justin. I am grateful that you have created the waypoints, so that unskilled players can have practice matches with bots and get better, which makes your work even more valuable to the community.

Here is some feedback I have.

1: As the screenshot shows, I believe I can see through the floor, although I can't think of very effective tactical exploitation of it.

2: I assume you already know this, but let me point it out, since it appears no one has dared yet: the console complains that the strings "freezetag" and "keepaway" in the mapinfo file are deprecated and should be replaced with "ft" and "ka" respectively.

3: One more thing I would like to ask for about the mapinfo file: please consider adding Arena gametype support, which I think is easier on inexperienced duelers and thus less frustrating and demotivating than 1on1 dm is.

4: I wonder if bots go through the bottom teleporter. It does not seem to have the yellow ball it is expected to. Please think about it, if it is worth your effort.

corrected an error in spelling: depreciated --> deprecated

Thank you very much, hexokadzra for finding these bugs. The bug on the floor is obvious - There was supposed to be stairs there, I somehow didn't realize they were missing. Thats one of the reasons feedback is important. After all we are humans and we make mistakes - you guys can be more apprehensive then mapper himself!. Wink

I put stairs back, I also fixed teleporter problem. Give me one day and I will upload fixed version.

Why Arena mode? I thought its not being played on public matches.

PS: Of course its worth my effort. Map has to be ok. I'm pretty busy lately but I can handle small problems.

BTW: The map was as I heard in the cup mappol. Does anyone participating have somthing important to say about the map balance? I was thinking about replacing mega armor with 50 armor.

Replacing MA with a 50A would be interesting, doubt it will make the map much more balanced.

BTW: Changing freezetag and keepaway into "ft" and "ka" might have a negative impact on some servers? How is it should be? Or it doesn't make a difference?

Edit:I added arena mode.

I fixed mapinfo and all mentioned bugs:

Not avaliable...

Thank you for the quick update, and I am sorry that I made a spelling error in my previous post.

Since I am the one who suggested the changes in the mapinfo, I ran a test and confirmed that imprisoned_final_r1 is playable in the four gametypes of "ft", "freezetag", "ka" and "keepaway", using the released version of 0.6. It seems that "ft" and "ka" are compatible with "freezetag" and "keepaway" respectively, although I have not checked the source code.

I think that some folders, such as models, scripts and textures, are missing in the current version of the map, but that the fix probablly can wait until you have decided the fate of the 100Armor (or maybe of those non-free logos?).

(01-29-2013, 02:47 PM)Justin Wrote: BTW: Changing freezetag and keepaway into "ft" and "ka" might have a negative impact on some servers? How is it should be? Or it doesn't make a difference?

Please use only short names (ft, ka)...
The negative impact comes with long names Tongue

MapInfo_Type_FromString (probably runningman-ctf_fixed): using deprecated name 'freezetag'. Should use 'ft'.

But both work... Smile

thank you for the nice map Big Grin

the bugs seems to me fixed now ...

the map running on Prophets server fine ...

Good Work

GreetZ Su

I forgot to put logos textures in the textures folder in this version! Im currently far away from home and Im writing this post from my grandpa's notebook. I will fix this and do some balance changes when I got back home.
Thanks for feedback and info, guys.
I will make another one as fast as possible...Undecided

At first I thought that "Don't downoload..." is a link.
[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]

I am afraid that the stairs added in the latest version have introduced some visual inconsistency. Please compare the highlighted areas in the following screenshots.

the stairs at Hagar:
the new stairs:

Thanks for your pieces of advice.

[Image: good2.jpg]

Map is now avaliable for all desired game modes. Pk3 includes scripts, models, textures and fixed mapinfo.
100 armor was replaced by 50 to balance map (100 armor + nex gun on one side was a bit too much imo)

I made stairs look like any other stairs, now there is a consistency style wise.

Swapping places between 100a and Mega could have also worked, but I like this solution as well. Great map this turned out to be, I enjoy it in minsta duels whereas in vanilla duels as well. Job well done with this one.

Updated on eXile servers.

Updated on Prophets server too .. Smile

Thanks for you effort.

GreetZ Su

Thank you very much for the update, Justin. Now that the 100Armor is gone, I find the gameplay fairly tight and thrilling. I think your point is completely reasonable and that the change is acceptable. I'm interested to hear what experienced duelers think of it.

Here are some very minor and trivial issues I noticed.

1: The latest version of the map package contains the textures for SilentSiege which I doubt are used in this map. Please remove them, if they are not necessary.

2: Please think about setting the BGM in the mapinfo file, so that players could hear the music they like while playing locally by creating their own version of mapinfo.

As a past dueler I can already tell this is gonna be sweet. The tight multilevel layout is very CPMA-ish; lot of tricking oppurtunities. Items are thoughtfully placed, as I can see you have already had a sh*tton of feed back on all that Wink
And of it is much better looking than any CPMA map ever was, by far and away. Smile
Looking forward to warming up my cold dueling hands on this baby very soon.

This map is very fun to navigate, movement is fast, easy and smooth. Fun. Map has problems with details and texturing tho. What's with the box-shaped teleporters, is this Quake? They look horrible and were used to death even back in Quake 3 days. The area near one of these teleporters looks terrible, the one on the fourth screenshot in the first post. Left from the teleporter, there's a pipe going straight into the wall like this:
[Image: a1vz51F.jpg]
Edit: And texture is misaligned behind those pipes. On the right side, there's another misaligned texture:
[Image: vxliMqH.jpg]
Other texturing problems:
[Image: la65Xee.jpg]
[Image: bORYcfq.jpg]
[Image: NVdF4xf.jpg]


Hello everyone!

After long time version r3 of this map that includes plenty of major gampelay and visual changes is done!

[Image: r3_previer_impris.jpg]

It took me few weeks polishing final map style, addding structures, details and changing the item placement. Harmata's and Smilecythe's as well as Machine's tips were taken into consideration.

What basically has changed:
  • New, better structures and improoved textures. Now it feels like a real prison:

    [Image: better_structures.jpg] [Image: more_details_funny_and_structures.jpg]

  • New lighting system as well as more light panels make map look better and more atmospheristic:

    [Image: progress_lighting.jpg] [Image: more_details_lamps_better_textures.jpg]

  • Major changes in item placement (thanks to Machine's advice) should provide more tactical gameplay.

    [Image: new_item_and_deatils.jpg] [Image: new_structures_more_realistic_lighting.jpg]

  • Fixed stair bugs. Now you don't get blocked.
  • Added weapon indicators as well as rotating teleporter exit marks on the floor.
  • Removed ugly textures and fixed texture alignment.
  • ENJOY!
Download lastest version:

PS: I saw that on most servers where Imprisoned is included, there is outdated version. It would be cool if server admins would upload the last version on their servers. Thank you!

Cant try it yet but it looks really interesting from the sreenshots, good job! Smile

Very subtle lighting and cool new teleporters, as well as in general I like the pure metal look a lot.

You are farming up levels in mapping quickly. My 2 cents.

The floor sucks big time. Make it for example partially glass and place some reactor or something like that. Just to make area interesting.

you placed a LOT of teleports. Like on Aerowalk in QL. But in QL, player can easily notice entrances and exits from teleports. On your level teleports' exits are almost invisble. Make them more eye-gaugy maybe?

There - look at crosshair. I would place lamp there visible from my position. I mean not inside of the arc, but on top of it:

So lamp will help player to quicker navigate into corridor's entrance.

Another example

can be:

Key is: help those poor lemmings quickly notice and navigate entrances to other rooms.

Crosshair again. There is nothing there - metal walls blend with each other, lamp would make potting corridor "entrance" easier.

Another "WTF" teleporter - you have a lot of them.

Those two big areas have same mixed lights - I would work more towards making them different.

Another unlit important passage

All in all - Imprisoned evolved a lot. You put a lot of hard work in this and one can see that well.

I would work towards "less quake, more unreal". In UT you have very often some unique elements in maps to make them pretty. In Quake everything is always the same.


Like I said about glass floor and reactor. You already placed skybox and hole in the celing. Make few other things like that. Maybe some giant window at some area? Light from skybox will create nice shadows and stuff like that.

Less same-texturing-walls, more "unique stuff".

Solarium is an example, it has some green, some water, some windows, some skybox.

OFC you won't use flowers, because they will not fit the theme Smile

You can use some moving objects - radiant allows that,func_train or something like that. you can use for example giant fans or pistons.

Alien3 movie - notice stuff near ceiling

It doesn't have to be part of gameplay, but it looks cool Big Grin

All in all - you gained a level again Smile

Ballist1c: With all respects: Majki is a great level designer for UT for many years and I always appreciate his feedback

Wow. great thanks, Majki for constructive advices. I will definitelly follow advice about lighting and adding structures. In fact there are only two teleporters in the map (both are one-sided). You must have been disoriented by func_stardust that indicates player spawns by default in 0.7.
I very like much the idea of adding moving objects to the map. It will make it more dynamic.

About the floor: Glass might not be a good idea, I will probably use some grates and cables to diversify it.

Placing lamps above corridor entrances is a good solution to attract players attention and idicates passage. Although putting lamps on each makes it less noticable (cause there are plenty of other lamps around.) I was trying to indicate path ways by color differences or amount of light in specific areas. I will definitelly put more lamps though because currently map is quite dark.

Quote:In Quake everything is always the same.
I would disagree. Quake has some brilliant maps and brilliant level designers. You should know that best of all.

Thank you all for feedback. I'm waiting for more, especially from the people who plays vanilla duels often.Wink I think of relesing video showing trickjumps on this map (more then 20 different trickjumps at least).

Quote: Ballist1c: With all respects: Majki is a great level designer for UT for many years and I always appreciate his feedback

Lol no Big Grin But thanks for kind words Big Grin

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