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[SUGGESTION] new movement possibility

hi xonotic community,
i am new to this game and i want to say hallo and bring my best regards to the developer of this wounderful game, and i want to make an suggestion to the movement system.

what do you think about the inventing of crouchsliding (like in quake 4). if anyone doesnt know what it is, watch this video:

i guess it will bring some players form q4 to xonotic who doesnt like q3 or qlive. anyway it would be a hell of fun. think about it with an open mind!

lg maiden

If anyone is willed to code that as mutator (we also have a mutator for UT-like dodging for example), I would love to see it.
And welcome to Xonotic!

Though it is not entirely a good idea to introduce yourself with "hi I'm new how about you change the movement system", this feature looks rather cool and I can't think of anything that it would break at the moment. Apart from being fun to do (which by itself would justify implementing it in case anyone can code it), does this sliding serve any particular purpose? Like, not making noise or so?

Welcome to Xonotic, just played a minstagib match with you Big Grin
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(10-10-2012, 09:37 AM)Halogene Wrote: does this sliding serve any particular purpose? Like, not making noise or so?

Maintaining momentum while making yourself a smaller target? I feel like a well executed crouch slide could transition right back into bunny hopping without loosing much if any speed.

however given the splashy nature of most of our weapons, it really only affects the nex and MG/LG
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This was suggested before, i think. And was rejected, I think.
[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]

ah halogene i remember :-D.
i like to see it because it is a hell of fun to slide. mybe to be a smaler target is an good option too.

I quite like this idea. I think it might work as a mutator.

Hmm the only real problem would be the animation aspect of it. If this was implemented as an in game action the animation would have to be pretty subtle as to represent that of sliding and not of lying down.
It would be quite odd to see a player lying/sliding on the floor.

lol danny

it's like crouchsliding in UrT, you are skidding on your shoes while crouching.

The problem with this is that our jumping animation is already shaped like that, instead of like quake's (which is far superior IMO.)

if this supports slippery shaders (which theoretically work in xonotic ... havn't checked yet) ... we could make mario 64 style sliding race maps

That sounds more akin to skidding but okay I undertstand where you're coming from now.

To code it don't you just have to reduce friction when crouching and moving faster than a specified downwards force?

To code it don't you just have to withstand thousands of hate e-mails from the playerbase?

(01-13-2013, 07:43 PM)s1lence Wrote: To code it don't you just have to withstand thousands of hate e-mails from the playerbase?

My sig says otherwise... but honestly it's still a viable mutator.

Thumbs Up 
I remember that I asked for this 7 years ago, before nexuiz was released Smile

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