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darkplaces wiki down ....

It appears that the darkplaces wiki is down ....

although you can still get to it via the wayback machine

The Redmine bug/feature tracker at has been down for several months.

"Ruby on Rails application could not be started"

Oh well...

(10-13-2012, 01:50 PM)Spaceman Wrote: "Ruby on Rails application could not be started"

What derailed it? Big Grin
I'm at least a reasonably tolerable person to be around - Narcopic

I found this:

And this:

This last link appears to contain the history of the DP wiki in XML form, it could totally be restored from that.

thanks for the xml history file ... the wayback machines version is not quite up to date and was missing the information I was looking for (dp_reflect)

info dump

<b>dp_reflect distort r g b a</b>

Makes surfaces of this shader reflective with r_water. The reflection is alpha blended on the texture with the given alpha, and modulated by the given color. distort is used in conjunction with the normalmap to simulate a nonplanar water surface.

<b>dp_refract distort r g b</b>

Makes surfaces of this shader refractive with r_water. The refraction replaces the transparency of the texture. distort is used in conjunction with the normalmap to simulate a nonplanar water surface.

<b>dp_water <reflectmin> <reflectmax> <refractdistort> <reflectdistort> <refractr> <refractg> <refractb> <reflectr> <reflectg> <reflectb> <alpha></b>

This combines the effects of dp_reflect and dp_refract to simulate a water surface. However, the refraction and the reflection are mixed using a Fresnel equation that makes the amount of reflection slide from reflectmin when looking parallel to the water to reflectmax when looking directly into the water. The result of this reflection/refraction mix is then layered BELOW the texture of the shader, so basically, it "fills up" the alpha values of the water. The alpha value is a multiplicator for the alpha value on the texture (set this to a small value like 0.1) to emphasize the reflection and make the water transparent; but if r_water is 0, alpha isn't used, so the water can be very visible then too.

<b>tcmod page <width> <height> <delay></b>

The texture is shifted by 1/<width> every <delay> seconds, and by 1/<height> every <delay>*<width> seconds. It is some sort of animmap replacement that keeps all animation frames in a single texture.

To use it, make a texture with the frames aligned in a grid like this:
1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
then align it in Radiant so only one of the animation frames can be seen on the surface, and specify &quot;tcmod page 4 2 0.1&quot;. DP will then display the frames in order and the cycle will repeat every 0.8 seconds.</text>
<text xmlConfusedpace="preserve">Quick notes by LordHavoc (in need of cleanup and completion!):

All texture files are optional except for diffuse, a q3 shader allows additional options to be set but is not required for common materials.

== Replacing Content ==
Formats supported: tga (recommended), png (loads very slowly), jpg (loads slowly), pcx, wal, lmp

Usually you want to put replacement content in either &quot;id1/&quot; or another directory such as &quot;pretty/&quot; inside your quake directory, in DarkPlaces you can run multiple -game options at once (such as -game ctf -game pretty -game dpmod to have texture overrides from pretty, maps from ctf, and gameplay from dpmod) or multiple gamedirs specified with the gamedir console command (gamedir ctf pretty dpmod).

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