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What you can do, or are willing to do to contribute

I'm not sure if this thread is necessary. People have been contributing different things for Xonotic. What do you do or are willing to do? Put your name in here so we know who does what. I model, am learning texture mapping and annimation on Blender. My 3ds max r4 install gave up the ghost, and so now I am learning Blender. If someone can help me learn about making animations in Blender, or making good textures (so that it fits right onto the model), then put your name in here. Maybe someone else needs your help more than I do. Maybe if someone is very good at texturing, animating, map making, making music, writing code/mods, etc., if that info was in one place, they could collaborate with others who do the same things to unify, or improve upon, the end product. Then again, this thread may not be really necessary. I just like to know who does what so's I can ask the right person for help.

I make music, recently with LMMS on Ubuntu Studio 9.10 x64
I model stuff in Blender, I do textures in GIMP, design in Inkscape and little skeletal animation in Blender too.
I also might take care of some sound design and voice acting, as well as story making, and dialogs design Smile

I'd like to learn mapping for Xonotic. I was doing maps for UT'99 using UnrealEd 2.0. I loved that, now I could make maps in Blender and export them to DarkPlaces. If someon knows useful thinsg and would like to help me - let me know Smile
[Image: BSF48.png][Image: HMITP48.png][Image: S48.png][Image: TLT48.png]

Most useful skillz:

Make high quality skyboxs
Mapper in netraident

A wiki would be best for this.
There's nothing better than getting off you butt and contributing to a community. There is no excuse when it comes to computers. Spend a little of you playing time, giving back Smile

Thanks for you guys input! We need to know who does what.

I'm learning to make textures, and maps in NetRadiant, so I hope I'll be able to make some worthy contributions in those areas.

I've created an account on the dev tracker but i can't log in for some reason, the reason I registered was so I can learn QuakeC and contribute the project when I can. Some help here would be nice. (My account name is the same as it is here)

(05-02-2010, 08:16 AM)unfa Wrote: I'd like to learn mapping for Xonotic. I was doing maps for UT'99 using UnrealEd 2.0. I loved that, now I could make maps in Blender and export them to DarkPlaces. If someon knows useful thinsg and would like to help me - let me know Smile

Unfa, I used blender a couple of times to export to .map file. I was able to get it into netradiant. I don't remember how well extrusions worked. I really did no know how uv's convert from .blend to .map (I am still learning texturing in blender). I would suggest using blender in making parts of the map, and moving all the parts into netradiant to plug it all together.

im a plumber...............

er , i can help with plumbing advice....


oh , and tunes/sound making , all crap!

mainly plumbing though.........



This thread aint dead yet!!!!!!!! I know there are more people out there who want to contribute! Put your name in here!

I'm getting into the source to help coding

(05-09-2010, 05:12 AM)exiT Wrote: I'm getting into the source to help coding
Is it hard? I'd like to do it too Big Grin
[Image: BSF48.png][Image: HMITP48.png][Image: S48.png][Image: TLT48.png]

I'm not a highly skilled individual, however I know A LOT about what makes games great having played a couple thousand of them in my life time. Using that knowledge I try to give as constructive feedback as possible. As of recently I've done something a bit more interesting though which was toying around with the physics and weapon balance in the git. Who knows, maybe they'll end up in the 1.0 release.

Oh wait.

With no disrespect intended Lee, every player who plays Nexuiz/Xonotic has played a lot of games. They all have an idea of what is fun for them. Do something, then take feedback from something you have done. Otherwise, you would just be "one of those people" who do nothing but sit back and criticize, but add nothing to the mix. Toy around with the GIT and test your changes out on your own server. Don't just make something and not test it out before releasing it. I like your enthusiasm, though. So, commit your passion into action. Maybe it will make it into Xonotic v 0.1.

I'm willing to map residential, commercial, and misc buildings with interiors in NetRadiant so that we can recreate simcity 2000 and LinCityNG maps in xonotic.

I am thinking of starting with:
3 or 4: Lower income houses, middle class houses, upper class houses.
Then 2 diffrent gas stations.
Then doing Nuclear power plant, microwave plant, fusion plant.
Then various factories and office buildings, warehouses.
Then large office buildings.
Then large residential buildings.

LinCity has coal, wind, and solar power plants as .blend files ready to be converted so I don't have to redo them (except I have to add interiors). It also has university, school, fire department, hospital, some apartment buildings, and a market (like a 7-11) and roads and such, all in 3d, and a tux statue. Need to have a way to keep the shades on the blender models when exporting to .map though, rather than having it all cauked (maybe have radiant and darkplaces understand "hexcolor/#ffffff" as a shade/color rather than a "texture", when it sees that it's in the folder "hexcolor")

If we mix the two, we will have all the buildings needed to see a simcity2000 city in 3d and interact with it, all opensource. With interiors.

This is my though of the work flow:
I'll make the buildings and rudimentary interiors, then someone else who's good at decorating decorate and spiff up the interiors (or spiff them down if they're for the ghetto tiles). I'm thinking each LinCityNG/SimCity2k tile should be maybe 1024 quake units each. (And if a building takes up 2x2 tiles 2048x2048 qu) though maybe that should be halved, don't know I'll have to look. We can use the cc-by-sa furniture from to decorate interiors.

If people want to work with me, we can make this happen. Each of us making something, or exporting somethign allready made in LinCity, we can do it.
svn checkout svn:// lincity-ng

Alot of the stuff is allready built for us and is opensource. We just need to put it together and make the stuff that isn't yet. This will alow players to create their own cities and fight and explore them.

We also need diffrent types of trees and shrubs for gardening and forests (simcity and lincity have forests).

I can play the game and help with competitive(not pubs) balance...but thats not as important as cool new weapons and graphics :C

Thinking about making a map sooner or later. I've been using Radiant for a while.
my FPS maps

Trees, I am working on those trees and shrubs. Post some pics of these buildings in LinCity.

GT: here's one of the buildings I opened up in blender, I got them by doing
svn checkout svn:// lincity-ng
[Image: 386yr3pep0oskfavtc.png]

Here's a screenshot of lincity itself, what they did was they made all these models (all opensource btw) and then took renderings of them to make tiles. Every model has a blender file though so we can use the blender exporter (for those whom it works for), if the blender guy will make it so it also exports the materials/shades as shaders or textures, and then I can add interiors. After that we just need the capability to string multiple bsps together, that might be more complicated but it's a good feature that I've seen in other engines (like enemy territory's engine with the map baserace with the random middle section of the map made of bsp "tiles")

[Image: 512px-Lincity-ng-2.0.png]

Hi,I am willing to contribute time in these areas: Mapping(Im learning), Music(Im pretty good at), and working with game logic in quakeC(Not great at, but ok), and also modeling weapons/etc in blender. Im going to start helping with the music as soon as I get my new ibanez guitar Smile ,Oh, and im pretty good with photoshop, so I can help with textures/graphics of any sort.
Sponges grow in the ocean ... that *kills* me. I wonder how much deeper the oceans would be if that didn't happen.


I've proven by now that I'm not a lot of use in the way of content for the game. Not even any of my nexball maps were good enough for inclusion Wink What I can do however is some assorted stuff on the side that does not impact the project directly, but could be useful to the people in it regardless. For example, I recently set up a website where mappers can easily upload and share their maps: This site will be improved over time.

I can do similar things where needed, so if you have a nice idea let me know.
"Yes, there was a spambot some time ago on these forums." - aa

Well...until I finish computer science at College of Charleston, I will resort to mapping and music.

I can code in C and QuakeC and know my way around the engine, so I can help with new features and bug fixing. I also dabble in mapping and would like to put at least one new map forward for review (and hopefully make it into the game) in the near future.

Outstanding people! We got mappers makers, texture people, music people, coders, and modellers. I'm sure that some of these modellers and texture guys can get together and make something. The free buildings look good, I want to see the .blend files. Interiors don't have to be difficult, just some good planning. I made a character model based off Machinen Krieger, but it's kinda a fat model. Besides, I'm still learning texturing and animating. I'll probably post a render of that model in the "show what you're working on" section at some point in the near future. I know it won't make Xonotic, but perhaps a model pack later on. Once I get these trees/bushes done, I'll try to finish the character model or try my hand at the buildings. Every now and then, I do mess with 'radiant.

I like to map so I would love to contribute more maps to Xonotic.


I can make maps using the "normal" radiant route, and to a lesser extent some playermodel stuff in blender though I wouldn't call it "production quality" yet. <-- Old race map I started for N****z last year, hopefully I'll get some time to make a decent Xonotic map from it soon. <-- "paused" playermodel project - I just couldn't get the zym exporter to work properly.

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