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Planetside 2 is out!

Planetside 2 is out, anyone going to get it? I would, but it's 10gb, a quarter of my download limit per month... Sad

Looks interesting... BUT 'playforfree' makes me sceptical. It may turn out as another pay-to-win game and/or just being overflow with stupid and noncooparitive players.

Well it's not really pay to win the the same sense as combat arms, because it's an mmo.

Why is that an explanation? Tongue Mainly MMOs are affected by this.

There's no blood&gore in it - I'm not touching that ;-P.
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I played the beta and I played the release yesterday. It's pretty good, but you must learn stuff and some players are quite hardcore even though basic weapons are usable. Sometimes there are massive scenes that look almost like out of scripted SP. My problem is that I have 2008/09 rig so its 9-40 fps depending on the game, battles are hardly playable. If you have old PC then you will have problems.
The game is ok but not terribly awesome, its basically battlefield with 3 teams, huge maps, mobile spawn points, jet packs and stuff.

Quote:its basically battlefield with 3 teams, huge maps, mobile spawn points, jet packs and stuff.

Putting it like that makes it sound beyond awesome. Tongue

I did play in the beta too. The game itself is awesome, 2000 players (!) per map, lots of vehicles etc. And it isn't pay to win. Devs said you can get max 20% straight up better weapons etc. So almost everthing is sidegrade.

But the big problem is performance, it is just not playable for me, even with everything turned down (also using the config files) I can get max. 30 fps, in an empty area looking at a wall. And I heard that even with a Geforce 680 and an i7 you can't get 60 fps on high settings.

So if you have a really good computer Maddin, I would recomment it, else not.

Ok sounds good. But sadly my computer is not high-end with an AMD Athlon x3 3,3GHz and a GTS250. Undecided

Yes, that's basically what I have, you can try it but it will be hardly playable. It's just one of those games...

(11-23-2012, 04:43 PM)frostwyrm333 Wrote: It's just one of those games...
Hmm, expected such a thing...

Also: 10Gb? U mad? Big Grin

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