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XQC #68 (4v4 CTF/Overkill)


(12-24-2014, 04:31 PM)Smilecythe Wrote: Disable openGL effects
Colour depth: 16
Resolution: 640x480
r_showsurfaces 3 (console command)


I tried it and was horrified Big Grin
in the process of experimentation, I found that the problem is connection. ie low fps was because of the fact that many packets were lost. may be in my hometown connetion will be more stable than here

Is there more information on the tournament? How much will be the start? Will be training between the teams? What do I do if I dont have certain team? I registered at, but without a team can not take part Sad

Necrom, everything is written down on the first post! LX created a team : you can join them I guess

It seems there will only be 4 teams, but it's ok.

I will shuffle the seeding before the beginning of the tourney.

In the meantime, enjoy your new year eve



hello guys, I am "a very nice person" and 'General Bulldog" I would like to join a team.

I registered at challonge but I cant join , only create .

does it mean that all teams are full ?


the freelance team is open for players i think, ask LX and/or Rasputin

good to see you in the tourney!


The freelance team is waiting for other players to confirm their participation, as two of them (Necrom and Oblomov) still have to give us a response.

AFAIK, LX can't post here in the forums, so for further informations you can find us in-game.
[Image: 18382.png]

Doesn't seem like Lovers will make it as a full team, I might be the only one into OK. I could still hop into a team if you need a filler, we can discuss mixer teams too if anyone is interested! You can hit me up in Query in IRC during the moment of panic, if I got time I can play Smile

I can be found at:, #xonotic.pickup, #theregulars, #prophets.duel, #Lover, #eac.xonotic, #clanexe

So sad! I can not take part because of even more bad internet connection. Ping jumps in the spectrum of 110 and steadily lost 50% of packets. If you stream, give me url pls.

[AFK] (all for ks) might sign up, we're 3 guys though.

Before we cause any confusion:

The Regulars: Twoism, Neolink, Silencekiller and Trezzer

The Irregulars: Schattenläufer/Easy (not 100% who), speedcross, freddy and qbit
[] qb!t

ok guys, thank you for answering.

I am sorry do I join a team ?

when I click on the link and log in, I arrive ont this page, what do I have to do next ?

[Image: 01-494bc68.png]

thanks Cool

The team owner/captain (LX?) has to add your account (orgelf?) in the team settings.

I suppose the best thing should be: join IRC tonight (and your friends too), I don't know which channel bigx will be using for this cup though, so either #xonotic or #xonotic.pickup I guess.
[Image: 21.png]
IRC (QuakeNet): #bot.xonotic | #xonotic.pickup | #xonotic | #xonotic.cup
Steam | | YouTube
Movies: Mirification #1 | #2 | Mirificaption #1 | #3 | #4 | [BOT] Clan #3 | #5 | #6 | #7 | [BOT] Clan #4 | #8 | #9


ook.... sorry to play the newbee again do I join an IRC. HuhUndecided

Just launched Xonotic and didn't see that ...Cool

Thanks Angel


@orgelf : irc is a chat thing, nothing related to xonotic, so go to use "orgelf" as nickname and put "#xonotic" on the channels box, and then log in

@all of you still looking for a team : do the same as orgelf and find a team!!

So the tourney will happen on the following servers:
(SMB) Paris Overill Tourney [git]
[WTWRP] Overkill

and the irc channel is #xonotic.cup on quakenet

So a BIG THANK YOU TO Mario for setting up an overkill server just for us!!
And thanks to Mirio for the help!!

That was really fun.

Gotta say I didn't expect to get to the Grand Final Tongue hope a similar tournament will be done soon!
[Image: 18382.png]

thanks Rasputin! It was fun.

There was some nice matches, and some noob errors from me while trying to organize the whole thing, but I guess we can say it was played till the end with no major issues.

It was the first time I tried to organize a tourney and would like to thank Mario, Mirio and nitroxis for their support and help!

Here is the final bracket

Any suggestion to improve the next overkill ctf tourney are more than welcome!!!

Thanks all for playing, and being patient!


Overkill tournament was a great idea. Thank to bigx and others for organization and a great show. I was sent all my mental forces and mind for support of the freelancers team. It was cool! minuses I want to add:
- Inability to look at what is happening on different servers. Sometimes the servers were overcrowded. I think it can be solved by using streaming.
- Also the time difference respawn on different servers and other settings.
but for the first organization it was very worthy! I hope in the next time to see the team: R ', Lover. Individual participants: hentai pony, Noodles. Also players and teams who have participated at current tournament. And of course I hope I can take part myself. Thanks to All! Stay sick and true! \m/

I've recorded all cup matches. You can download it by this link (83 Mb).

Oh thanks Sl@va!

Some nice games to watch!

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