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[SOLVED] Shader fading effect with "alphaGen portal"

In Quake 3 it is possible to create a shader which fades in or out based on the player distance. This is very useful for e.g. lightbeams which fade out seamlessly as you approach. The needed shader keyword is "alphaGen portal 256" (or instead of 256 any other distance).

It seems though like Darkplaces doesn´t know of it. Is this true? If so is there any chance to get the same effect another way?

Also is there any official manual of the shader capabilities of Xonotic? I couldn´t find anything.

Thanks in advance! Smile

I vaguely looked into darkplaces shaders, but couldn't find any docs.

Anyway, it seems like darkplaces parses alphagen portal (see source code). That doesn't mean it's (fully) supported, though.

EDIT: And indeed, that's the only mention of alphagen portal there is. So I doubt it's supported.

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