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lopho's music contribution n stuff


If someone wants to use my music for his/her maps, it would be awesome, and if not, just listen to them if you like Smile.
Regarding licensing: no problem, just ask and ill throw it at you with cc-by.



IDM: (<not done yet Sad )

Anyways, before i start spamming stuff, heres a folder full of some music i made, feel free to browse:

[Image: lopho_icon.png]

If you like only a part of a certain track, i could try to take that out and loop it on request.
All tracks can be customized up to a certain amount if needed.
Also, i can give out the project files as well, if i think its proper.
Any comments or requests are welcome, either post here or send me a pm.
Regarding sample licences: I went through some/lots of my tracks, and researched the licenses and workaround, and can now say that almost everytrack I made, I can release including samples.
if used in xonotic + maps this applies: CC 3.0 BY
if used in anything other than xonotic + maps this applies: CC 3.0 BY-NC-SA
this is a copy of this thread for easier organisation

Got some good tracks in there, mappers will probably find these useful.

Oh wait.

Downloadin' Smile
Dude, this stuff is hot!

You've got some amazing breaks there Smile
Would be great to hear your tracks in Xonotic!
The more I listen to your tracks the more I think they are damn good

Massenredution - so energetical! Yay!
I O - I love the bass (even played on 5h1++y speakers it sounds good) and the keys - they reminds me of good-old music from Unreal Tournament '99 a bit Smile
I'm making Liblast - a FOSS online FPS game made with Godot 4 and a 100% open-source toolchain

Let me guess... are you using Fruity Loops?
I'm making Liblast - a FOSS online FPS game made with Godot 4 and a 100% open-source toolchain

yes, mostly fruity loops, using it since, uhm, forever. Smile
only having some trouble with perfomance on linux/wine, but still kicks ass.
thought about switching to lmms sometimes, but lmms is still too glitchy and misses some features. The workflow is still too bumpy on lmms as well, but its goin in the right direction.

how did you tell anyways, about fl? was it some sample or syntie?

(06-14-2010, 01:07 PM)lopho Wrote: how did you tell anyways, about fl? was it some sample or syntie?

Samples are the stuff I have recognised Smile

I was learning from zero on FL 5. Then I switched to OpenSource and then to Linux Smile
I'm making Liblast - a FOSS online FPS game made with Godot 4 and a 100% open-source toolchain


(06-15-2010, 03:57 AM)XV22 Wrote: I liked this one Smile :

(06-13-2010, 04:09 AM)lopho Wrote: IDM:

nice to hear that, but i think thats one of the tracks that really cant be used for ingame music Big Grin.
anybody else got something to say about my stuff?
you know, would be nice to get some feedback.

I just can't believe that it took you so long to unveil the awesome stuff you were making ... I didn't quite expect to find such amount of creativity and versatility, I'm frankly amazed.
I've downloaded all your tracks from your site, but didn't had enough time for listening until late yesterday. I'm in the process of hunting soundtracks for the game, so I'm going to comment on the tracks that I personally think would fit Xonotic, or have good material for it but might require some modifications. Here we go:

Korrison Mokidopa
I think this is my favourite tune of yours, although it is a bit nostalgic I think it could work ingame, probably using mainly the style you switch to after about 03:00.

Another awesome song, it could be used straight away, although I'd personally prefer to use the bits after about 02:00 Smile In my opinion this downtempo style (dubstep?) works despite this is a fast paced game. Probably some people would object to those wicked voices you use there, but I like them Smile

Brecher Loopmie
These could be used, but maybe are a bit complex. I would try to use them on CTF or race maps. Same could apply to Flooring after around 01:00.

Gottes Unterleib
I'd use it "as is" for a race map, or the style after 02:30 for any CTF or DM map. Another awesome track!

I'd use this one right away for a closed 1v1 map Smile also could work on an easy race map the style of racetrack.

I enjoyed Schieb Dich too Smile Yesterday it was raining and it created a nice mood

Well .. what do you think? Could we use some of these tracks? Could you check on the licensing side?

If you feel like composing for this game please have in mind that at this moment we don't have lots of candidates for the main Xonotic theme yet, so feel free to submit some tunes for it Smile

Big Grin im not fit for writing anything useful just now.
but im VERY happy to hear such nice words about my musicstuff..... be content, ill reply some more useful stuff soon.

moar smilies Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Smile CoolSleepyShyDodgy

Hi lopho, I finally decided to give you my opinion Smile

I'am really blown away by some of your tracks Big Grin Thanks a lot for sharing your work and keep it up! I downloaded all the tracks from your website and been listening to them while walking across my city.

In general:

I mostly love your breakbeats and basses. I also like the way you compose, your tunes miss some structure but are always moving n with something new. That's the way I used to do it Wink

About tracks (in no particaular order):

Aller Anfang ist Schwer:
seems like you have used some unmodified presets here, sounds interesting. I love the protamento break at 1:00. I like the bass. I don't like the sliding lead synth's melody starting at 1:39, but I like what it is playing from 2:01 on. I like the drums in that part also. That track could fit for some humorous map IMO, If there is anything like it out there Smile I like te reverbed sythie form 2:42. The whole tune gives me some nice positive energy Smile

I like the intro which is interesting. I don't like the melody playing from 0:21 to 0:26 it sounds too chaotic. I love the way things clear up at 0:57 with that slide of reverbed lead syth. I'd clean up some moments in this track beacuse is is sometimes pure chaos Big Grin 1:59: the scratch sample starts there. I think it totally don't fit none of your tracks (I'am sorry to say that). If I were you - I'd simply delete the sampler with that scratch sample from all your work Smile I know it is from FL's base Wink

I love the weird solo of some thin square synth that starts at 2:04 and shows up again at 2:19. It rocks there with the down-going bassline. Amazing atmosphere of madness and energy Smile

I like the final distorted melody at 3:12.

I love nearly everyting in this track Smile Is this one of your newest?
1:57: the beat seems a bit trival, don't you think? Maybe some more hihat action would get it higher. I love the piano part starting at 4:30, unique and atmospheric sounds Smile

Gottes Unterleib:
I like the chill of bass and overall sound of this tune Smile I recept it as a minimalistic tune, and I think it will suit the Xonotic greatly! Perfect space tune as for me Smile Distant and sparse. Also the quarter note kick that starts at 3:37 seems good here as I see it will give a steady rythm for minsta matches Big Grin

Heavy Cruiser:
I like the drums, rather steady with nice breaks Smile A bit chaotic in melodic layer - beacuse of keys that come up at 0:48, might be very annoying for some people. If I were you I'd break that to give the listener some space to breath. On the other hand at 1:57 begins a nice and clean melody Smile

3:02 - nice break and it goes along much clearer until 3:12. I like that.

Heavy Cruiser 2:
I love how it comes with the first one L) They join seamlessly Smile maybe merging them into one track in the game would be a good thing? I love the break at 2:52 with delay efect and soft thing out there. I don't like much the detuned bass and slightly arythmical drums that appear after that.

Hot Wires:
Duuude! This is SICK! Big Grin

I like how it changes at 0:40.
I love the part that starts at 1:42 - the sudden silences work so well there.

Ich kann tote Tiere sehen:
I like how agressive and simple yet interesting this track is Smile
I don't like though what is starting to happen with drums form 4:05 on but i like how it ends Smile

I O:
I very like this track. The soft keys, the bass, the drums... everything fist here perfectly, this tune acts grat as a whole. Would love to hear it in the game Smile

I think this track has some very nice moments with energetic brakbeats, complicated melodies. Sometimes gets too chaotical in my opinnion nut that's just me Smile

2:57 - a nice dubsteppish low sythie comes in - i like it

I simply like it Smile And the pad that starts at 1:26 gives nice chillout to this tune. The scratch sample is bouncing there but I think you don't need it Smile

Sounds heavy! I like how the sound of it morphs form time to time. 1:58 - nice and dirty! I love the sub-kick and pulsating of the whole mix out there.

If I were you I'd play more with automation of the synths controls just to prevent monotony (it yet has the energy!)

Konzentration Medikation:
I very like the chillout sound of this one, also when it gets dark for a while at 3:50. I don't like that much the sliding-down bass that appears on top at 3:12.

Korrision Mokidopa:
Getting disharmonic at 0:33. Cool sounds but off-tune, dude Smile I think that leaving anly chill-out elements cound result in a nice ambient tune thah would fin Xonotic nicely. That's just my opinion though Smile

Holy 5h1+!
I love this track so much! It's perfect: intro, then first break at 0:58 and the breakbeat with... anyway... only one thing is the outro as it could be a problem to loop for the game, but whole track is so energetic, dark, raw, mad, trippy, psyhedelic and some other things that I think it is ideal for Xonotic! Big Grin

Run Around:
I like this one Smile Seems ather harmonic and steady. That's good I think.

I love the tune played from 1:17 on. Unique and interesting stuff in there Smile

Schieb Dich:
Beautiful and melanholic. Don't know if it would fin in Xonotic, but I really like it anyway Smile

"You've got a snowball?" I like this one Smile I like the tempo automation. There's that scratch sample showing off (kill it!) Wink

Well... that would be it.

Thanks for sharing your stuff lopho Smile
I'm making Liblast - a FOSS online FPS game made with Godot 4 and a 100% open-source toolchain

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