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Textures not showing in NetRadiant

Hi, I've just downloaded Xonotic and NetRadiant to mess around with an old map (converted from BSP to MAP). I can open the map fine, but all textures are missing, so all textures are shown as Shader Not Found. This is not really a problem, as I wanted to retexture the map anyway.

The problem is that when I press 't' and open the texture window, ALL textures are either listed as "Shader Image Missing" or "Shader Not Found" - several "folders" are listed, but not a single texture is loaded correctly, not even the common textures (caulk, clip, etc).

Does anyone know what I am missing? From what I can see, all the configuration settings (paths, etc) should be correct.

Thanks in advance,

What is the path pointing at? And what does the console at the bottom of NetRadiant say?

Try Texture Browser > Tools > Flush & Reload Shaders.

Make sure the textures for the map if they are not native xon textures are placed into your_xon_install/data/textures
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You probably need the mapping-support archive.
You can download it along with NetRadiant here:

Simply extract this file, then move "xonotic-20150825-maps-mapping.pk3" to Xonotic/data.

(10-12-2015, 11:33 AM)SpiKe! Wrote: Hi,

You probably need the mapping-support archive.
You can download it along with NetRadiant here:

Simply extract this file, then move "xonotic-20150825-maps-mapping.pk3" to Xonotic/data.

Thanks for the link, you're right I didn't have the file, but unfortunately that wasn't the solution (for me).

I noticed that in that download, there is a copy of NetRadiant (an older version), I've also tried that version, same result. All textures fail to load!

The first error message I can see in the logs is:
Unable to find default tag file F:/app/NetRadiant/ No tag support.

I've reviewed both folders in both version of NetRadiant that I have and that file is missing in both, so I guess it's not really needed!?!?

This seems to be a common problem...

There are a few solutions in these threads, try them and see which does the trick.
[Image: 230.png]

Forget what I just posted!

All textures are now loading Smile

I somehow messed up when extracting the support pk3 file...

Thanks SpiKe!

Hi, I have been trying to map xonotic as well.
I have mapped for Alien Arena, Tremulous, Urban Terror, Warsow (kinda) and recently I have been trying to map for xonotic.
I'm having this same problem, but even when i extract the stuff into the right location (xonotic in my saved games folder) I get no textures at all in NetRadiant.
Am I doing something reaally n00by or is this just a normal problem?
I have been searching the forums for the past 2 hours and tried everything i found but nothing is working.
This is probably not the best place to post this but i didnt want to make ANOTHER thread about the same problem. (spamming reasons)

Please help!

EDIT: I might be using the wrong path ._. What's the path that I should be using?

NetRadiant on Windows doesn't use the Saved Games folder, it uses the main Xonotic installation directory.
[Image: 230.png]

Yeah, that's the path I'm using, but no textures pop up.


Never mind, I just read your post wrong. I realized what I did wrong. Thanks for pointing out my general n00by stupidity! ^_^

Somebody should do a video explaining from head to toe how to extract and launch Netradiant properly, I've myself never gotten through this:

[Image: MKBtwau.png]

It's always this message no matter what I do.

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