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[BUG] SDL version not loading, glx version buggy rendering

I have tried to run Xonotic's latest autobuild on my notebook, which has the following CPU with integrated graphics: Intel® Core™ i5-5200U CPU @ 2.20GHz

I'm running on Arch Linux and when I start the sdl startup script ( the game loads into a black screen with my mouse on it. I don't see any suspicious errors in the startup log of the console. I can quit it by switching to console and doing CTL-C. 

When running the glx version, the game does run but I get very choppy input and what's even worse players do not get rendered most of the time. I see only the name tag floating about for most of it. And, strangely, Mortar weapon does not get rendered at all. Vortex, Electro, MG, Crylink and Devastator do get rendered, though. I think Hagar as well.

Any ideas? I am working with a clean install, updated to today's autobuild and a brand new autogenerated .xonotic folder. I do not have the option to try official 0.8.2 release right now (mobile bandwidth sucks), but I can do so if that helps.
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There is indeed some issues with autobuild on Linux right now (in fullscreen mode).

Relevant bug report:

I didn't try to play with the GLX executable though, I was unaware it had issues as well (the choppy input may be caused by the compositor still running, since the GLX executable doesn't bypass it).

Thank you, I reverted back to release version and voilà, sdl started nicely. However, the player model (mega erebus) often and the mortar (pickup and in hand model) always don't get rendered. I only see a very small semitransparent structure of the whole handheld model of mortar when I hold it. What could cause this?
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Latest track on soundcloud: Farewell - to a better Place (piano improvisation)
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Are you using an Intel iGPU? What you describe sounds like
It seems that this is a problem caused by the GPU driver. However, that problem does not happen if you set "r_glsl_skeletal" to "1"

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