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[NEED HELP] Menu Won't Load, Game Crashes

I'm having an issue every time I try to open the game. The game shows the background of the main menu, but there is nothing to select. And then whenever I try clicking the mouse or pressing anything on the keyboard, Windows gives me an error that the game is no longer responding, and it crashes. As long as I've been playing I've never run into this before. 
So far I've tried rebooting my PC, trying a fresh download of the game, and deleting my save file (after backing it up) but nothing has worked and I keep having the same problem. I am running Windows 10 on the PC in question, and Xonotic itself does not give me any errors before it crashes. I would attach a screenshot, but for whatever reason, that isn't working either.

Sounds like the problem might be your OS, not the game. Virus?

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