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[NEED HELP] Input layout problem in Xonotic-SDL

Hello! As i have problems with GLX Version of the game, i have started to use SDL version. But there is a very annoying thing. If i start a game with native language input layout (not english) - letter buttons don't work at all. Space and Shift works, but WASD - no. So i have to change layout and start the game again. Maybe there is some workaround for this?

This should be fixed in current autobuilds

(03-18-2024, 08:23 AM)bones_was_here Wrote: This should be fixed in current autobuilds

Updated to autobuild, but the problem prevails... This autobuild, does it autoupdate somehow?

Did you bind the keys using your alternate layout (only possible in current builds, not 0.8.6) ? The default binds only include ASCII, maybe people will add other layouts at some point.  You can bind multiple keys to a single command.

It updates only when you run that script.

Oh, i get used to GLX and didn't thought about just adding binds in my native language. Now i have added alternate input letters as second ones in Autobuild version. And it works fine, thank you!

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