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Rate Your Movies!

As the title of the thread says, rate a movie you watched, post your opinion here (if you want). I've always preferred community rated media, as the media was in fact made for usBig Grin

So anyways, my first rating, something of an old one

Ninja Assassin

This one is a satisfying one. You sit down knowing exactly what you're getting and you get up having gotten it.

Blood in the first 5 minutes: check.
Flashbacks! : check.
Corny/disjointed/over & underacted dialogue: check.
Mysterious martial arts clan: check.

8/10 from me, exactly two points a piece for each point i made

At the end, i somehow found myself wishing for a manga for this movieWink
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This trailer made by Kojn deserves special attenition IMO

If its going to be relased, I am the first one who will watch it and rate it. Trailer looks absolutly insane isn't it? Hunny Bunny is one of the best defragers I ever known, I can't w8 for official movie. Kojn, very good job! Good music choice and nice effects.
Thank You

(03-27-2011, 05:53 AM)Justin Wrote: If its going to be relased [...] Wink

I think this topic is about *real* movies anyway. Smile

I did 'release' that video Justin, there's a thread on the forum's here.

I am making a new one, but I need more demo's off people, if you have any good time's then come onto IRC msg me and send me your demo's as I don't have enough demo's myself, then I can start recording for the next one.
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I need demos to my frag video too.

(03-27-2011, 07:26 AM)Mirio Wrote: I think this topic is about *real* movies anyway. Smile

Yes, reviews of *real* movies would be nice. Although these ones are quite something considering budget constraints.Big Grin
How long is a piece of string?

Okay, here's a "real" movie: Legend of the Guardians. I'd say a good 7/10. It was entertaining to my near-adult self, despite being based on my favorite pre-teen books (and thoroughly twisting up the story). Great CG, and refreshing English(?) accents, instead of American voices.
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cmon the best movies are Tron Legacy, Prince of Persia, The Chronicles of Riddick = 2004

(03-29-2011, 09:18 AM)Justin Wrote: cmon the best movies are Tron Legacy, Prince of Persia, The Chronicles of Riddick = 2004

Tron Legacy, meh, not enough light cycles
Prince of Persia. Why?
Chronicle of Riddick, definitely good, cult hit.
How long is a piece of string?

I watched "Waking Ned Devine" some four or five times and I still love it.

I posted this in full awareness that the above information will, due to my affinity to utterly different genre categories, most probably interest nobody on this forum. I just posted that in a rare moment of evilish furtiveness in order to waste the reader's time. By reading this, you prove my success! YAY.

Oh, while writing this (with great pleasure), my sudden evilish mood silently and miraculously passed away. Now I feel a bit sorry for wasting your time... but not enough sorry not to post this Big Grin

Edit: Btw, it really IS a great movie.
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All well and good that you think these movies are great, but reasons as to why think these are great would go a long way in getting others interested in them as well. Give points on which you scored them, on which you took away from them (because now movie is a 10). Room for discussion. This is a forum after all.Wink
How long is a piece of string?

Ok, here you go.

"Waking Ned Devine" has the following pro's from my point of view:
  • great actor performance
  • brilliant british/irish humor
  • very nice wordplay dialogues
  • nice landscape setting
  • bizarre country-life village atmosphere

the following con's:
  • parts of the romance aspects could have been emphasized less

I linked to a trailer btw in my initial post.
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Call me a sucker for cheesy action flicks, but hey, i can at least say those hours were not a complete waste. So follows my take on "The Condemned" (also quite aged by this time)

  • "Stone Cold" Steve Austin breaking into the movie business
  • Solid acting, no Oscar winning but at least not cringeworthy
  • Remote story line with a single commentary on the state of society

Not much in the way of a great action flick, but passable until the next Expendables. So, a 6/10.
How long is a piece of string?

I last saw Kickass. Was a good movie. I really liked the action, but the story was a bit corny.

@Anark10n, people are going to confuse us. Good fucking job. Wink
I don't frequent this forum anyways, I mostly look for updates. xD
My will be done.

I give the 9 out of 10 in the 300 movie, it is such a nice movie for the see, there are so many fight seen you can see in this movie, in this movie you can see the 300 mans fight for his nation for the save his nation.

Does this count as thread resurrection, i wonder?

Anyways, Transformers 3 review comin at ya.

People (critics) give it some of the lowest scores of in the industry. Others (diehard fans) will say it is far above and beyond anything else. Well to the critics, i can't really say much, i usually ignore them anyway. to the diehard fans, i am tempted to agree, but it hardly nails everything it that makes a movie one of the greats.

For myself, i say that Transformers 3 is not a film, but an experience. close to 3 hours of running time, 2 thirds of those filled with some the most epic cg i've come across post-avatar and a smattering of some the most over-the-top characters that only anime has ever dared to create. i say this because i went into it knowing what i was getting, and i got it. i did not go into it looking for a gripping storyline, i did not go into it looking for it to impart some life-lesson. i went into looking for a optimus prime vs megatron showdown. and i got it, plus some bumblebee action, ironhide attitude, sideswipe slickness and whitwhicky charm/madness Big Grin

Yes the story is flimsy. there is no spectacular mind-numbing twist, in a word, a storyline that is immune to spoilers (not entirely sure that's a good thing). its just enough to give a reason for megatron to be there. ah, megatron (i've got a soft spot for megatron, even though he does come back with some wicked dandruff).

So CG art direction, second to none. special effects, the explosions and smoke effects felt somewhat disproportionate to the sense of power the weapon give you. transformations, i had to keep from screaming out at their sheer awesomeness.

So how does it do:
  • Epic CG. Check.
  • Optimus Prime and the Gang. Check.
  • Sweet soundtrack. Check.
  • Satisfying boss battle. CHECK!
  • Over-the-top characters (that's new). Check!

Nothing's a perfect 10. Transfomer's 3 is not an exception, so minus 1 for actually not having a cohesive story. So that's a 9/10.
How long is a piece of string?

Moffat's adaptation of Sherlock Holmes (actually a miniseries consisting of 3 episodes 90 minutes each), called simply "Sherlock":

Did not suffer temporal displacement decay: Check.
Written by a guy who can make cracks in walls scary: Check - he's the lead writer for New Doctor Who seasons 5 and 6.
Clever use of CGI: Check.
Interesting characters: Check.
Moriarty portrayed as a completely batshit insane crime genius: Check, please!
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