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fair enuf andrey , but this is just a place , to place them , what the big guns want to do with them is up to them.

as far as styles , etc

i dont follow anystyle

(unless you want to simply call it electronic music)

i say keep this the place for submissions, and let the main team decide what to do with them , also mappers can check the tunes out and also ask if they can use it
dont forget this place has nearly 400 views.. not a bad start ay?


aww sounds really nice Tongue
i like it
good work Big Grin
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speakin of any style..

im freakin ya out now , arnt i?



I don't really like to have just one thread holding all the contributions, it makes difficult to find tracks because that'd make you crawl the whole thread and also it's troublesome for discussing about specific tracks. Probably not now but in the long term this is going to be a pain in the ass.
Chooksta I've listened to most of your tracks, its nice to see that you are *very* creative. These are my comments from the perspective of using those tracks inside the game:

wooookiiie2 Awesome. Seems ideal for a small map (more action). Only thing I'd change is making the ending and beginning match better so having the track looping feels more natural.

fisheyzemaster Amazing tune. Maybe there is a bit too much talking there for using it ingame, but I'm not sure on this. I'd like to hear the opinion of others.

kik_n_snare I like it although I've tried it ingame and it's a bit distracting because of high pitched sounds.

prideroar Same as previous track Tongue maybe there is a bit too much bleeping there Wink

rumble_drum Seems good for a map with lots of natural elements.

Please be sure to read our Licensing / Legal page just to know whether we can use your work for this project.

Please keep it coming, I'm totally sure you can help a lot making this game very original on the soundtracks side Smile


thanks mand1nga , thankyou very much Smile

and yep any tune of mine is avalible be be used for free , without any worry.

the fisheyemaster tune has samples from the little feature film i helped on , as far as use for anything i would need to check with director , but im sure it will be fine

if anyone wants me to re-edit an existing tune , then please email me/find me on irc , or find me on aussie servers.



I thought Brutal was good too, even though nearly all of them were quite DnB'ey, that was my fav of what I heard.

From what i've heard so far, i cant imagine these fitting..
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


I think dnb fits this better than electro.

Figured I'd get involved with the discussion here.. Here are some tunes I made.. I can make about any sort of music, these are just some examples... If I play some maps, I could make better music for them..

Well done jenetik!

Big Grin

i love ambience! , very nice

(me goes chill out)

ahhh bliss!



another crazy thing i made , while pissed Smile

i may relook at it idk...

what ya think?



heres another little tune guys Big Grin

shall i stop now?

should i go get a life?

should i concentrate on my day job?

ya , i lie ;p



I like this tune. Could imagine something like this music in Xonotic (without vocals of course).
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Thread links added

I think I have copies of just about everything that was submitted on here as well as some unused Nexuiz submissions saved on my PC. I'm a little too messed up at the moment to dig for the threads that they were originally submitted on (night owl + called in on morning shift = bad, I'll locate the threads later). Anyway here's the list I have so far:

[Artist - Song name]

Unused Nexuiz Submissions
BLKRBT- nexuiz_traveler
BLKRBT- nexuiz_variable
BLKRBT- nexuiz_quiet
unfa- Draft SWA 11
SC0RP- NORTHERN LIGHTS (uncut version, not the tutorial one)

Xonotic Submissions
Kay Pisarowitz- Xono
Kay Pisarowitz- Breakfast
Kay Pisarowitz- brutal
Kay Pisarowitz- DB7
Kay Pisarowitz- HighEnd
Kay Pisarowitz- ratsheaven
Kay Pisarowitz- SadFace
Kay Pisarowitz- Sad Jungle2
Kay Pisarowitz- Scanning
Kay Pisarowitz- Unnecessary
Kay Pisarowitz- Xonotic
Kay Pisarowitz- Xonotic3
Manimal- grimoutlook
master[mind]- To the East
michaelb- battle_sequence
SC0RP- Xonotic Theme Tune (WIP)
SC0RP- Xonotic Theme Tune (Version 2)
unfa- 23.3
unfa- 23.4
unfa- 23.5
unfa- 23.6
unfa- 23.7
unfa- 23.8
unfa- 25.2
unfa- 25.3
Chooksta- breath
Chooksta- experimenta
Chooksta- mAkR
Chooksta- oldschoolstomp
Chooksta- rudeboyz
Chooksta- wherestharhytm
Chooksta- written
Chooksta- xonotic v3
Chooksta- mintox1
jenetik- Ambience
jenetik- Suttle
jenetik- untitled
jenetik- Xontic
Andrey- Mid Eastern
Andrey- Space Dance

Ones I think would kick ass in Xonotic (this doesn't necessarily mean that the others would sound bad in Xonotic either, these are just the ones that really stood out for me)
Kay Pisarowitz- Unnecessary
Kay Pisarowitz- brutal
Kay Pisarowitz-Xono
Kay Pisarowitz- Xonotic
Kay Pisarowitz- Xonotic3
Kay Pisarowitz- SadFace
SC0RP- Xonotic Theme Tune (WIP)
SC0RP- Xonotic Theme Tune (Version 2)
SC0RP- NORTHERN LIGHTS (uncut version, not the tutorial one)
unfa- Draft SWA 11
unfa- 23.3
unfa- 23.8
unfa- 25.3
BLKRBT- nexuiz_traveler
BLKRBT- nexuiz_variable
BLKRBT- nexuiz_quiet
Chooksta- wherestharhytm
Andrey- Mid Eastern

Nexuiz music threads (sorry, too lazy to list song names)

Xonotic music threads (again, too lazy to list song names)

Oh wait.


heres one for a new map , by mintox

hope ya like!


(03-28-2010, 02:28 PM)callsigneagle Wrote: As such, I remember playing different maps on Nexuiz, and thinking..."It would be cool if 'Desert Factory', for example, could be peppered with Middle-eastern hip-hop, or in the Urban map (can't remember what it is called) would be cool to hear different types of music coming out of different buildings as you pass by them, fragging away. A bit more of a submersed, holistic approach toward music in games where the music is there, but is as much a part of the background as the graphics of the map itself, almost interwoven. ...
Has anyone really seen a game the uses music to "color and enhance" specific maps or sequences in the game? To me, it would seem to add an interesting dimension to the gaming selections that take their cue form the landscape of the map/environment/situation.
I think this would be absolutely amazing,, but i think this would work much butter on a campaign mode or 1 player mode due to the fact that all quake-based games are extremely fast, and you would be running past the same point many times in a row, and many fun maps are also very small, (think downer) and imagine how that would go?
Sponges grow in the ocean ... that *kills* me. I wonder how much deeper the oceans would be if that didn't happen.

Can someone make a gpl'd song that's really intense, or one that's like isotoxin from unreal:

i can't believe you people give it away for free! i have to make an extra thread for this.
4m038105 - Be the change.

Bump, updated the list I posted. Any time a new artist jumps on here I strongly encourage somebody to let me know (a simple pm will do) about it as I'll be able to back up their work and update the list with the original thread links as well as keep all the song names listed as well.

Oh wait.


for grasseys map , if hes keen Smile

also for consideration , for the game

again ty to juliestein fot help on this

may rework this , but im not sure if i should


(04-20-2010, 09:37 AM)chooksta Wrote:

heres another little tune guys Big Grin

ya , i lie ;p


Duuuuude! Big Grin

Where's That Rythm? I was making some remix with beatbox and some vocals but that's crap, anyways - I like this track very mutch!

Oldschool Stomp - that's great! I love it, some interesting breaks there, everyting fits nice it's place I think Smile

Some of you tunes kicked my @$$ Smile

Ruble Drum sounds amazing with those samples of... I-don't-know-what Smile

Cheers, Chooksta Big Grin
[Image: BSF48.png][Image: HMITP48.png][Image: S48.png][Image: TLT48.png]

oh well.... i kept myself from contributing some music because most music i made uses samples i cannot distribute (only licensed to me), <- see edit - at bottom
but..... FUCK IT....... ill post them anyways, if someone wants to use it for his/her maps, it would be awesome, and if not, just listen to them if you like Smile.
regarding licensing: no problem, just ask and ill throw it at you with cc-by.



idm: (<not done yet Sad )

anyways, before i start spamming stuff, heres a folder full of some music i made, feel free to browse:

(if you like only a part of a certain track, i could try to take that out and loop it on request)

also, i can give out the project files as well, if i think its proper.

edit: consider: even if i cant redistribute the samples, the music is still 100% gpl compatible.
edit edit: regarding sample licences: actually i, went through some/lotsof my tracks, and researched the licenses and workaround, and can now say that almost everytrack i made, i can release including samples.

ERDIT: oh, just read mand1ga prefers keeping seperate threads for contributions, so ill make a new thread for my stuff as well



uh late nites...

Big Grin



heres another one.


where is everyone else?

this was goin sweet , but now it seems dead.


comon , lets make sweet music togeather


more music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am working on it.
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