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My little pony... Xonotic pony?

My little pony
Xonotic pony
Fragging from above

Yah... I found an open source MLP game last night. Being an initiate in the My Little Pony cult, I slapped one of the pony meshes on the erebus skeleton. The disaster took place... and Xonotic now has ponies. If anyone feared this day, it has come... and ponies will rule everything!

They're low poly, iqm format, and should be safe to place on any server. Includes mesh, textures, and a voice pack. Since they hold guns and there are no feral animations, these ponies are bipedal. Colored using shirt / glow, so feel free to play pony coloring games when not brushing their hair or gibbing them. They also have the Xonotic logo on their butt... isn't that adorable ^_^

v4.1: link 1, link 2, GIT repo.

[Image: ys4tu1c12tq8due3qjal_thumb.jpg] [Image: depewqsh6uaeuihy64_thumb.jpg] [Image: 1ku7vep9i4hefmjyhp7_thumb.jpg] [Image: fxzm4gk8g9jef4vmn39l_thumb.jpg] [Image: 0rry37aryfeucgliav11_thumb.jpg] [Image: 1z0uytfrqdrtwyrceta_thumb.jpg] [Image: aebnpy20q31u89jn3s2_thumb.jpg] [Image: n4oo5ngkiyh7g5wqg837_thumb.jpg] [Image: irjiw8jedeaek3wb5fi_thumb.jpg] [Image: 8deeendg68gr2g0vc2r_thumb.jpg] [Image: 1yjmucp530ocvuo0gsy_thumb.jpg] [Image: l5c46lpsz67lzfx90zz_thumb.jpg]

From now on, Erebus will never be lonely again! He'll have someone to ride on, snuggle, brush their hair... when defending the base and not fighting, that is. After all, Friendship Is Magic Angel Heart


- Updated voice pack. With real MLP voices for taunts, friendly fire messages, and pain / death sounds. Audio taken from

- Bots with the actual MLP characters. Set bot_config_file bots-mlp.txt to use them.

- Tweak some vertex group assignments on the mesh, to avoid hair and tail stretching too much in some cases of movement.

- Tweak texture to make the glowing areas prettier.

Download link updated above. Enjoy Smile

[Image: 1xpp4eu8zbm2iuocqaqp_thumb.jpg] [Image: yqtkrvqvwjmaaqy31ou_thumb.jpg] [Image: uktey1vk8vnmf8hz6d_thumb.jpg] [Image: 10wtzwwzttbyxd7luhzu_thumb.jpg] [Image: lv8izbnoyy2rx8tutai_thumb.jpg] [Image: ga10dipbljo1s54qi9d_thumb.jpg] [Image: 9ugnvua35db9tsvqkx_thumb.jpg]


- Use a SubSurf modifier to increase the polygon count of the Pony model, for much higher quality. Also generate LOD models, which use fewer polygons.


- Remove the horn. Earth ponies are a better default since we have only one model. This also means a bit less polygons.

- Add Luna and Celestia to the bots file. Also replace underlines with spaces in pony names.


- Major changes to the mesh and body design. Completely redone the UV mapping and improved many visual issues with the body. Legs are longer and start from the correct place. The flank and chest were optimized for an anthro form, and fixed in several places. The arms also bend into hands and no longer start from vertices connected to the chest, although limbs are still pretty deformed when animated (despite my hard work to fix the problem). The face can also be textured properly, and there are no more intersected UV's (now uses correct islands and seams).

- New textures and face. The old eyes were completely replaced with high quality ones, improving looks and quality a lot. Ponies also have a mouth and a nose now. Eyes also contain a discrete envmap reflection.

- Glow textures are colored better, making the tail and mane more correct and colorful. Note that death unglow will cause dead ponies to have dark gray manes and tails. Also got rid of the ugly extra gloss.

- Bot names contain the proper colors, for an even better in-character feel.

Download link updated above in this post. Screenshots and a video of the new mesh:

[Image: yudzkwci7yptcdj440s_thumb.jpg] [Image: leklcg8sbopmzg3zfjzo_thumb.jpg] [Image: kax40csufhm38t1furdq_thumb.jpg] [Image: rysk79s2ah43axzvgyzz_thumb.jpg] [Image: 7itx6b3g5ynle2jf8ubq_thumb.jpg] [Image: yc4amb5sc7jccek57ghf_thumb.jpg] [Image: t0mdjrtm6zbriz0q999_thumb.jpg] [Image: wgd3pem5q7nb59q7a4z7_thumb.jpg] [Image: ks7l3i0fnbdpsh6h1k1_thumb.jpg] [Image: j3zqjtrr5wcw25a0wgu_thumb.jpg]


- Include skin files for LOD models. I noticed this issue after playermodel LOD was added to the menu, and the models were becoming untextured.


- Update animation skeleton to that of Erebus. Adds the new crouch-walking animations and improves existing ones.

- Eye color is now a blend between shirt and glow, rather than being constantly blue.

- Many new ponies in bots-mlp.txt: Queen Crysalis, Trixie, BonBon, Lyra, Vynil Scratch, Octavia, Derpy Hooves, Colgate, Berry Punch.

[Image: 1p25vgihr2xmh43dhe3_thumb.jpg] [Image: jet26wv1ct5wfmxb57w_thumb.jpg] [Image: opbkgzpij0e254mei6ya_thumb.jpg] [Image: 6abviqqfncvfgqb9g1hv_thumb.jpg] [Image: l9xr4awnbc87hulbtzrt_thumb.jpg] [Image: 8c5f1vvgo6mu04e2wg2_thumb.jpg] [Image: r5h2c7hw2m8e1i8kzlze_thumb.jpg] [Image: b1v6iyrzzhfww8uo1y3l_thumb.jpg] [Image: 6d22qcogjripbqjb0sri_thumb.jpg] [Image: umns9dobvn153zu0gym_thumb.jpg] [Image: uin38fa8dmneklwgt4oa_thumb.jpg] [Image: 9td9ogafb9nc48lma5r8_thumb.jpg] [Image: 7xsztc5ncl5hibwb4yfb_thumb.jpg] [Image: uz7emrrfrt4t1knb5sl_thumb.jpg] [Image: t53lcn2rycjlcf2ih3k_thumb.jpg] [Image: v6xnzrdyx4rcp3ym9lud_thumb.jpg]


- Ponies are now separated into four different races: Earth Pony, Pegasus, Unicorn and Alicorn. The wings and horn are part of the same model and skins are used to toggle each, causing no additional meshes or textures. Each race has a different voice pack: Pinkie Pie for earth ponies, Fluttershy for pegasus, Twilight Sparkle for unicorns, Rarity for alicorns. Select each as a different character in the Player Settings menu.

- Heavy improvements to the mesh. Hooves (hands and feet) are now larger than the limbs (which is the correct design). Legs are longer and look more correct. Fixed the flat looking face and changed the head to be much more accurate to FiM's style. Tweaked vertex group assignments to heavily reduce bad deformations on arms and legs (they no longer gut themselves during some animations).

- Configured bot skills and personalities to match the actual characters. eg: Applejack is good with guns, Rainbow Dash is good with movement. Pinkie Pie is hyper and will move around a lot, while Fluttershy will tend to avoid shooting. Berry Punch is drunk and can barely aim, while Derpy will pretty much just sit there and shoot occasionally Tongue

- Fixed forgotten framegroup files for the LOD models needed since version 3.2, which were causing animations to not work with LOD's.

- Fixed a typo with two bot names, thanks MrBougo for pointing that out.

[Image: vwt9r28xkkmnthqx4ej6_thumb.jpg] [Image: 3o9q7ggtl75vtsgtts4d_thumb.jpg] [Image: 2iurp24ppy6ocxf6tx_thumb.jpg] [Image: 2yhvwiu10di0dniogx_thumb.jpg] [Image: iwh9donczsnacrs55br6_thumb.jpg] [Image: 2mamo4vup4qbqcflqanl_thumb.jpg] [Image: 7olozn0ykcjczl5arpwk_thumb.jpg] [Image: f700kdxlrwordy46ozey_thumb.jpg]


- Enable the new feature of aim blending, so the model will bend up or down based on where the player is looking.

LOL! You are really funny dude! And great work! Wink Nevertheless I think they shouldn´t be official content of the game because it would ruin the style of the game! But as a fun-mod or add-on it will be great!

(08-14-2011, 05:14 PM)Maddin Wrote: LOL! You are really funny dude! And great work! Wink Nevertheless I think they shouldn´t be official content of the game because it would ruin the style of the game! But as a fun-mod or add-on it will be great!

Thanks! They're not meant for being officially included, cuz that would be silly. They're also low poly and the texture is pretty simple.

Yeah! You are always making funny and wicked stuff! Big Grin This will be rewarded with a reputation!

Will crash a XWIT server, works fine on latest GIT though.
Is this going to be official in VT?

I find it interesting that the original was made in blender. But it's missing some core features that I could implement in a few seconds with LOGIC BRICKS, good theme to build off of though. Used to build some games in blender myself.

This makes me suddenly hope to someday play xonotic with my girlfriend.

OMFG Big Grin
[Image: 561.png]
"One should strive to achieve; not sit in bitter regret."

Well now it's Care Bears or nothing. LOL.
(08-10-2012, 02:37 AM)Mr. Bougo Wrote: Cloud is the new Web 2.0. It makes no damn sense to me.

@ nowego4: I'm not sure if I'm going to include this model in VT. Firstly because, I don't really know the license of the Blender game I took it from (which BTW would not work for me), although it's open source. Second because, I don't know how much it could upset the MLP owners, even if I used a different skin and character, since I don't wish to include anything that can go against licenses and such in my game. Also, this model is iqm, and Vore Tournament still uses zym until I get a new vixen model. Though perhaps I can combine the two, and both might still work.

Anyway, I updated the links to the pk3 in the first post. divVerent repacked it with a .serverpackage file so it's sent to connecting clients (I didn't know about this feature). It's not implemented yet I heard, but this will work when Xonotic will have a centralized repository. If you plan to use this on a server, please re-download.

Heart bitch ponies Heart

i don't know what to say.... except:

It's pony time.
4m038105 - Be the change.

Updated to v2.0, improving some things and adding new stuff. See the first post.

Man, you make me so happy, I will play it tomorrow for sure.. Thank you a lot Smile!

Updated the model again, and added more polygons (as well as LOD meshes). See first post.

not to rain on anyone's parade...

although this is amusing, it does give a slight uncertainty WRT its legal status.

better I think would be not to use any graphics or sound clips from the show, but instead create "similar characters in a similar style." (then it could be "ponies" in a more generic sense, or maybe "pwnies", with a certain level of plausible deniability in case lawyers come ones' way...).

Long as it's not included officially in the game, no one cares. Community content (such as player characters or sounds) exists for many shows. These voices are also used in a Team Fortress 2 mod, which is where I got them from.

fair enough, but it is still better safe than sorry IMO.
people have found themselves in lawsuits over such seemingly trivial matters (and whether one is necessarily the originator of such infringing works is not particularly important).

a lot has to do with popularity, and how eager the legal department is to "make a quick buck" or similar (rarely does any of this have to do with any real damages). (frivolous lawsuits are good at making money for the lawyers, regardless of whether the case is won or lost).

also, sounds can be recreated, especially if one has access to a female who is willing to do voice-acting and/or Audacity or similar (it is possible to alter a male voice to sound like a female one, if really needed, albeit the quality isn't as good). (technically, the main difference is that males tend to have around a 100Hz voice, whereas females tend to have around 200Hz, so raising the pitch by 1 octave will usually be "good enough", or 2 octaves if one wants squeaky-voice). however, technically it will still sound off, as a simple pitch-shift will also misplace many of the formants (leading to a "chipmunk"-like sound).

in cases where I have done similar, I have usually slightly altered the phrase, such that it is apparent that it is not the original sound clip.

granted, I am by no means making demands here.

Oh my god, this is awesome!

I wish it was legaly possible to make skins like that:
[Image: teletubbies.jpg]

Made a few more changes today. If anyone uses this model on their server, please update to v2.2. See the first post for download and change list.

I always knew Xonotic was missing something...
Hey, want to learn to map? You might want to start here and here!

Big Grin I got a great idea! Idea Why not combine the "my little pony" version with a parental lock function? Do you see what I mean? When the parental lock is on, all player models are ponies and there's no gore, instead of dying and screaming, the ponies sit down and vanish or something and when the parental lock is turned off (pw protected) everything's as usual! I guess you couldn't call it "my little pony" though, but I guess you could call it "My OSI-compliant Pony" Cool!

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(11-05-2011, 04:14 PM)Sarge999 Wrote: ...

That image won a good amount of internets! Epic Big Grin

I for one wouldn't mind it in the least if those were included as official models Big Grin

Model updated to version 3.0, which contains major changes! See the first post, and please update if you have this mesh on a server.

This looks nice, will test it tomorrow Smile

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