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Busy/sick and unable to develop for now

Hey everyone,

So I know there are many things i've been saying i'd work on/finish soon, and i've let some people down with keeping up on that work right now - The past weekend i've been extremely busy, and just recently i've come down with strep throat and it's really quite difficult dealing with everything right now. After this, i'll also have to catch up on my normal job too, so i'll again be less able to dedicate to Xonotic.

For those who have been seeking for me to do something and/or help you out: I'll try to get to it as quickly as possible, but please be patient and don't lose interest or such because you think i'm ignoring you. There are other developers too, and individually there are other people who can help out with what you want to accomplish. I'll send some quick PM's now refering to this, and how to get help on such individual tasks, but I can't really directly help out for a few weeks or so.

Thanks for understanding, I really do hold Xonotic as a high priority subject though. I'll definitely be trying to meet my personal requirements for the next release in good time, regardless of my situation.

Take a break and some rest, there's plenty of time to conquer the world later.

Indeed, you have been a great developer. Take your break and come back stronger Cool

I've told this to several online contacts and clanmates before: REAL LIFE COMES FIRST. Take a break if you need to and come back if you get the chance, this is just supposed to be something you do in your free time anyway.

Oh wait.

Get well soon and take your time. Having your "real life" issues sorted out is a condition precedent for being able to properly dedicate time to something like Xonotic :o) I hope you'll be able to contribute to Xonotic again in a while, you're a valued member of this community.

Edit: Oh, yes, and what Lee said.
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Get well mate, and catch up with real life, work, and family! As others noted too, real life is a lot more important!
Best wishes here, and lot thx for your help!
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Yes, get well, and don't hurry up with that too much or get "fully active" before you're really well again. Best wishes from me too.
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Take your time, get well and rested. And if you come back before that.. ill have you play runematch for 4 hrs non stop in a mikee map with NADZ and MP! Wink

Hope you get plenty of rest, man. Strep throat is no fun, and sometimes a sign that you've been working too hard and your body forces you to take a break. Thanks a ton for helping me get started and pointing me in the right direction, I look forward to working with you in the future. Relax and get well!
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Announcer mic check and forum thread.

Get well soon sir. We promise we'll still be here when you're back at full force Smile
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*Highlights Samual* Sad

^what they said.

Developing (I'm guessing) is like mapping, you do it as a form of entertainment, or because you feel good for contributing. Real life has priority over virtual entertainment, so if you have matters to attend to or developing is no longer fun, do what you want to do. This goes for you too, div, and everypony else reading this.

Get well soon, good luck, and get back to having fun when your done!

Get well soon. If you do too much of one thing in a strech, weather it's coding, mapping, or cutting wood into shapes and putting those shapes together, you get sick of it and burned out. Best to switch off between things.

(10-21-2012, 02:08 AM)HellYeah Wrote: Get well soon. If you do too much of one thing in a strech, weather it's coding, mapping, or cutting wood into shapes and putting those shapes together, you get sick of it and burned out. Best to switch off between things.

HellYeah ur so sweet.
This thread is from 2011 and samual is feeling better now Big Grin

IRL goes first!

machine, you didn't read the last post and the date of the thread either, did you?

Hmm, nope... lol, sorry!

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