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To Xonotic developers about their game...

I just wanted to share something with all of the Xonotic developers:

a simple thank you for your hard work Smile I'm not sure if an actual "thank you" thread has been done, but anyway, thanks for the game and your work on it.
bye / bad luck and have boredom

I hop on the train. Not being able to contribute with anything but presence and some totally non fitting music leaves me in a place where I only can express some gratitute and appreciation for all of you contributors :o)
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Same here, no coding skills at all and can't contribute anything of my own, but I'm really thankful to the devs for making this in their free time. Xonotic is probably the only FOSS FPS with this level of graphics (the only real competitor is Red Eclipse, but Xonotic has better graphics that that).
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Good job, lads.

Yeah, thanks guys. Big Grin
I'm the type of person who likes the technical side of games and I'd love to start contributing to Xonotic.
I'm learning Net Radiant at the moment, so after a few months, I might be able to make a couple of maps. Also, my Dad got me an amp that I can use to process audio from my piano and I downloaded some software so I can (hopefully) create some bangin' tunes. Tongue

I continue with saying ´Thank you!´. It´s very cool to have a game I can go on with mapping, because before Xonotic I mapped for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy and it´s going to die after 10 years. So thank you Team Xonotic for giving me a reason to ´waste´ my time! Big Grin

Your welcome Maddin, wasti'n time is what wer good at Wink

Thanks ppl. A simple thread like this means much. Xonotic is made by players for players, right now proly more made then played.. so best thing you can do for it.. is play more! Tongue

yes , thankyou guys!


guess i maybe thanking myself a bit.... er...

one day i hope to submitt sumthing really good!



u know stuff?

yea stuff..



I think this should be made into an official thread as a way for players old and new to thank our Xonotic Developers Big Grin

It would help the developers see how what there doing is making a difference in the awesomeness of this game.

Thank You Developers, especially for not giving up when it seemed all was lost with Nexuiz Cool

Thanks! Not only for making a wonderful game, but also for giving people like me a project and community to sharpen the teeth on.
~D W
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A way to start my day Smile How could I miss this thread for 3 days?
Thank you. As tZork said, input likes this means a lot for us. Even if it comes from the more insider audience of the game Smile

I got up in a bit "fts" mood. It's all gone Big Grin
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Really enjoying the artistic design, originality, details and gameplay/layout of the maps, it does not rely on the effects and technology too much like most games do today. What I mean even with crappiest performance settings they remain to look visually stunning!

Just running around in the maps alone practicing weapon combinations and jumps is entertaining enough, then having friends to play with you.. let's just say it's a BIG bonus! Thank you for your efforts, I'm looking forward to see where this project goes!

This is one of them threads I'm not at all embarrassed to revive. Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you thank you. It's awesome. You win all the internets.

oooo, this is a nice thread. i'm glad it has resurfaced

Thanks devs for... making me addicted to a game. -.-

GJ! Wink

So sincerely thankful for the efforts of the developers to work their asses off for the only game that ever beat my favorite FPS ever, UT99. Xonotic is my absolute FAVORITE FPS. I'm one of the majority with no coding, modeling, or mapping skills to contribute and it's ridiculously frustrating. I wish I could contribute so much more than just voice work (and music, but there's no shortage of that. Tons of good music already, and lots that hasn't been used yet). You guys are fantastic, Xonotic is the most polished, pro open source game I've ever seen, and the most thrilling FPS game I've ever played. And SO much heart. So much love has been put into this. And it's only going to get better! Xon for life!
Negative, I am a meat popsicle.
Announcer mic check and forum thread.

samual will you marry me

All hail the developers.

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