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Hey guys,

I'm a little stuck on the race/cts maps as I don't seem to be able to get very far... I know how to bunnyhop (I'm not a complete noob!), but I find it hard to accelerate at the start. Tongue

I've tried specing pros, but even then they jump it so fast it's hard to tell what they're doing. I've also asked online, but got trolled and told to press f11. Maybe a tutorial video would be a good idea? (this post might be relevant).

Any help would be greatly appricated.

Xonotic movement tutorial

laz0r jump

(02-07-2012, 04:48 PM)rocknroll237 Wrote: I've also asked online, but got trolled and told to press f11.
Yeah it´s a pitty that the people there are so rude and unhelpful! I had the similar experience.Dodgy

Anyway you could ask Justin form the Deathmatchers how to learn these tricks. I´m sure he´s glad to help you out. By the way, I would also be interested in all these pro jumping tips as you don´t find anything about it (even not in the video tutorial which s1lencer posted before).

Hmm I know how you feel, I also find it extremely difficult, if not impossible to finish the majority of CTS maps. Notice that the CTS servers usually use XPM physics, which differ from the default physics. Strafe jumping and circle jumping are essential techniques for this physics and I can't seem to get the most out of it in XPM physics. There should be a tutorial describing XPM physics and how to gain the optimum speed. Also more maps should have noob run paths that allow for practicing acceleration (it doesn't help if you fall into void after first jump all the time...). But that's hard to achieve since most CTS maps aren't official and mappers tend to do what they want anyway :o)

What you could do however if pros are too fast to register what they actually do is enable automatic demo recording, then spec a pro (I think showpressedkeys is enabled per default when speccing? If not, turn it on), and later watch the demo using the slowmo <n> command, where <n> stands for a multiplicator of the replay speed. So to look at movement really closely you can do slowmo 0.1 or so in console, and get a really slow replay.
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rocknroll237, I would be happy to teach you some stuff on the XPM server. I think it is strafing you are having problems with, with some knowledge and practice that is easy to fix. A lot of maps will stay hard for you until you have practiced a lot, but most should become enjoyable quickly. I am on the public XPM server on most evenings depending on my connection. Meet me there, shoot me a PM here or join #pb.xonotic Smile
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even chooky had this nerd strafting problem,

but after 9000 weeks of drunken nerd stumble , even i got it (ok it wasnt 9000 weeks)

(was more like over that old game we used to play , before it did that knife/spoon/fork thingo , that WAS AGES AGO , I FAILED ALOT , EVEN NOW IM CRAP , but now i can post a time down on the nerd leader board thingo , i see it more as me simply finishing the challenge , so should u mate , t )



(02-08-2012, 06:05 AM)Maddin Wrote:
(02-07-2012, 04:48 PM)rocknroll237 Wrote: I've also asked online, but got trolled and told to press f11.
Yeah it´s a pitty that the people there are so rude and unhelpful! I had the similar experience.Dodgy

I assure you only a small handful of people are like that. Most of us are willing to help out new players.
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Whenever you see me online just ask, and I'll explain how XPM works, and how to accelerate as fast as all the all the good players.

You just need to know a few things, and after that it's all about practice.

Thanks for all of the suggestions guys!

wait till ya get an invoice for the advice :p

self study helps btw , we can assist , but your own brain will figure it too , just watch , study mate

soon you will beat old chooky , then you will think "heh , this shit is easy , chooksta really is crap"




Yay, I finally found out how to get off the line with good speed.
Thanks for all of the help.
Here is a vid I made. (WATCH IN HD, OR ELSE IT LOOKS BLURRY).

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