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How do I make a proper 1v1 server?

Hello, I would like to make a 1v1dm server that allows for a warmup period and no power-ups. I've made a regular 1v1 dm already with g_nopowerups, but it doesn't have the warmup period. And i'd also like to be able to vote for a 1v1dm or regular dm like on other servers. I can't get any manner of voting for different game modes working as it is, I try to vote for ctf or tdm, and the vote will pass, but the game mode doesn't change.

Also while I'm at it, is there a way to add a password so only people with the password can join?

For "proper" 1v1 settings, you can use asyyy's server config, and you can get more info about XPM settings here:

But here's in short:

asy7um Wrote:Maps:

For votable gamemodes and such, I don't have example config on hand tho, I'll see if I can find one.

EDIT: Just so some people dont get mad at me, XPM settings are not "proper" settings persay, but generally considered better for duel and used on most duel servers. But you can use default settings just as well if that is what you prefer, just that competitive players will rather play with XPM than default. GLHF!

Just remove "exec balanceXPM.cfg" from the first line of the config if you don't want XPM. Password-protected servers are not possible but you can set sv_public to 0 in the server config and your server wont appear on the serverlist.

No passworded servers. The usual way is to make the server private and only share its ip/port with the users you want to allow.

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