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Does playing Arena shooters like Xonotic make you better at slower paced games?

Xonotic and OpenArena being the only FPSs I've ever played seriously I tried Urban Terror today. To my suprise I scored highly and ended up ranking second in the server my first match, and winning my 3 and 4, with at least 1.5 K:D ratio. I've never played any non-Quake type shooter before, and fully expected to be poo( Look at my Stats ) I found it so easy to aim at the much slower moving targets than in Xonotic/Openarena.
I felt like I was doing the matrix bullet time thing, getting head-shots left and right.

Has anybody noticed they're skill in slower increase after getting accustomed to arena shooters?

I'd say this is pretty much true and this works the other way around too (playing slower games makes you shi... in the fast ones ;-) ).

I can't tell if my skills went up when I started playing fast paced games, cause those were the ones that I played from the beginning, but I can definitely say that after not playing for a couple of years my skills went to hell ;-P.
My contributions to Xonotic: talking in the forum, talking some more, talking a bit in the irc, talking in the forum again, XSkie

Yes, it does for me. Xonotic duels are so freaking tough and fast that when I play BF3 on 360, it feels like everything is moving in slo mo. Some of the best matches ive had on BF3 were when I played Xonotic for a few days first. I played a ridiculous amount of Bf3 bfore, so I knew the game inside and out, but my reaction time was never so good as when I started to play Xonotic.

It makes slower paced games like Counter Strike (IF the lag compensation doesn't go against you... that shit is really a dice roll) and especially Casual Duty seem really boring. Hell, if you get used to being twitchy in games like Xonotic and Quake, you might find fire fights in the Tribes games to be way too easy once you figure out the weapons. I can tell that playing faster games makes you better at slower ones and that playing slow ones makes you worse at fast ones because I have actually gone through LONG periods of time without even touching fast paced games as I've been focused on other ones, though there is a lot of patience required in some slower paced games that a lot of arena junkies don't have. It's also been proven time and time again that Counter Strikers can't play UT99 lol

Oh wait.

xonotic does not in any way make one better at bzflag (slowest paced fps ever)

On a slightly related note, does playing fast paced shooters like Xonotic give you a smug sense of superiority over players of those slower games?



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