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The old brick wall textures look a bit old in some places and the lighting could be moodier (more atmospheric) in the main areas where the flags are located. I'll post some screenshots at a later date. Smile

Spiders and new brick texture!
[Image: xonotic20120819150958-00.jpg]

[Image: xonotic20120819150846-00.jpg]

EDIT: I know it might sound funny (especially for good mappers around but: I JUST. MADE. A. SHADER. And it works! WORKS!

Very nice indeed, although the spider looks a little bit squashed and could also be scaled up a bit. There's too much grey and not enough of the spider! Also, what about my spider in a cave idea? Could be added in the future if this map becomes popular...

Regarding your latests pic:

[Image: xonotic20120820223253-00.jpg]

Those shadows are broken:

[Image: rO2IC.jpg]

You can fix that easily. Read this article how to do that:

Trick is, higher lighmaps resolutions are applied to whole brush surface. So in order to achieve sharpest shadows, cut out brush that has shadow's line on it, make it separate. And apply _lighmapscale only on those, which have shadow's line on it. Imagine this that - 1024x1024 can be streched on smaller surface or bigger. Sharpest effect will be on the smaller one. That's why you want trick be used only there, when it will be visible. Example:

[Image: AZR2T.jpg]

Has anyone ever told you, Majki that.... you. are. ingenious. ? Smile THANKS!

Nah - you'll pick up that stuff as you progress.

Sorry guys and girls but the new problem occured.

I compiled the map (final: +bounce8 -dirtscale2) and I packed it:

gfx folder (containing the minimap in .tga )
maps floder (consists of .map, .bsp, .mapinfo, and .jpg)
textures folder (consist of folder called 'spiderctf' consisting of all my textures and shaders)
scripts folder (with .shader file)
and finally light maps in the map name folder.

I launched 0.6 to test my map (NOT FROM .PK3 FILE but from randomly generated files in my 0.6/Xonotic/data/maps folder) and lights and shadows were INSANE! working very well.
And here is a fun part: I launched autobuild to test the .pk3 file (described above) and it occured that lights and shadows are broken (as it wasn't lightmaps at all). Screenshots below shows it all. Could anyone please tell me why that happened? I assume that packing process might have gone bad or I forgot to add something. Please help.

Not from pk3 file - everything works fine.
[Image: xonotic20120823094833-00.jpg] [Image: xonotic20120823094734-00.jpg]
From the pk3 file - Everything goes wrong:

As you can see, the difference is huge!

Ok, every possible problem solved. I also fixed minimap and it works now. If any bug occures, please report.
Here is a final submission:

The file couldn´t be located. 404 error... Please give us the right link!

I noticed that you just put "(12Mb)" into the link, remove it! It should work then.

Fixed. Anyway: Its STILL 12MB Big Grin

Big Grin

I played the map now and it´s coming along very nicely! You learned a lot in the near past.

Two things I would definitely change:
- Those cobwebs use patches which produces thousands of polygons. As a matter of course that´s bad for the overall performance. They should be made out of models if you want to make them look like this.
- The terrain is also made with patches, I think you know what that means. Wink When typing "r_showtris 1" in the console (do this only in a local game!!) you´ll see all drawn polygons. And patches have a huge amount of them!

Regarding model-creation for Xonotic, I captured a video which shows the general process using Blender:
If you are completely new to modelling with Blender then first learn how to use it here:

Thanks Maddin for your help! However the map performance currently is working very well. If the fps drops derastically, I will make models for bigger boulders! On your video I can see barely anything... The quality.... hmm could be better :Big Grin

Anyway to bring your map to perfection and also to learn modelling (you need it sooner or later) it is recommendable to make the terrain out of models. Even if the map has a good performance already it can have super-mega-awesome performance if you optimise it more. Big Grin

Justin Wrote:On your video I can see barely anything... The quality.... hmm could be better
Yeah I noticed that too, let me see whether I can find the source... damn I deleted it. I´m going to record it again with better quality.

Maddin is right. Performance might be good when you run alone, but throw there dozen of players, everyone starts to shoot... and engine just chokes.

Nice map, i think it has probably the best layout of all the maps in the contest (yeah, maybe, just maybe, better than mine Tongue )

The best is the layout, it has a lot of potential to be an amazing map.

The bad is that sometimes is confusing, the corridors look all the same and its hard to tell where exactly you are in the map.
I would fix this adding something special to every corridor, like a texture saying "big red spider corridor" or something. Just so that they look different and players can identify more easily in which part of the map they are.

Also, something that one of the players said was "this map woudln't be covered even in a 5vs5 match"
He was refering to the number of corridors.
There are 3 entrances to the flag room, you need at least then 3 people to cover them. But that is not the best idea to play any map, if you want to stop the other team you protect the middle of the map, therefore your people must be there.
Then you go to the middle but oh, 3 rooms totally separated are in the middle.

For the big one you need 2 people since there are 6 entrances to it.
For the small ones at the sides you need one more player for each.

If they pass, who protects the flag? One more guy.
And 2 trying to get the enemies flag... a total of 7.

Therefore is a good map for 7vs7 or bigger matches. Not bad, we hope to have full servers in a future, don't we? Cool

I'm saying that so that you add it to the description or somewhere, so that people know that is a big map better played with big teams.

If you were to release an smaller version i would remove the rooms at the sides leaving only one big room in the middle so that players work in team trying to protect the middle, if you control the middle you control the map Wink

That way it won't matter how many entrances the flag room has, it could be 3, it could be 10, it doesn't matter, the important thing would be that room in the middle.

Nice map.

Final though: A big spider map without spiderbot vehicles?

Thank you forseti for your time! Very constructive clue... I started reconsidering... I haven't decided yet, but I think I will make a second version of the map in which:

1. The caves will be removed and corridors previously leading to them will lead to the main room
2. there will be one main room (see point 1.)
3. I will change slightly flag placement so it won't be taht easy to grab it and run.

All these changes require time. Anyway Im motivated to deliver perfect large size CTF map. I might loose the CTF contest, but I will remake this map so the community wants to play it!
Wish me luck, people!

Good luck Justin! Smile

ok! Since yesterday I made few nice layout changes there! the map also has botpoints now!
Layout history changes:

[Image: Spider12.png] [Image: Spider1.png] [Image: spider3.png]
As you can see you have to pass through the main room, no excuse!

Am I right that the map is surrounded by a caulk box? If so that might have caused some of your problems. Wink Do proper vis culling! Tongue

You should see the SilentSiege then!

... which isn´t optimised too. Or wasn´t that your point? Huh I´m confused today...

Isnt' it?
Damn. It should not be boxed... or it was the older version...
Ok, then its the version Im working on now. Sorry, what a fail. I assure you that the current version is non-leaky! Undecided and non-boxy too.

Silent Siege is not boxed but it also isn´t VIS optimised.

You did not make use of converting brushes into non-structural (detail) brushes and there are also no hint-portals. I know it may all be still beta footage but optimising VIS also results in much faster compiles. Wink

Ok, Litlle bump here, Im fixing map's performance:

Making plenty of detail brushes,
deleting useless brushes (over 1000)
Im making the webs stick so you can actually climb them. (ty to the Blaxpirit who had this idea)

New version should be avaliable as soon as Im done with all leaks and problams


why do i want to climb the webs?

also why aren't they just textures? solid geometry webs look so fake.

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