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Silent Siege [Duel]

I don't understand, Majki... O_o. No download still, sorry, Im busy with pee lights.

I am very picky now - but you work very hard, so...

Jagged shadows, use _lightmapscale trick to get them sharper and therefore - more real:

[Image: XyUCg.jpg]

Light painting is needed:

[Image: zjOtd.jpg]

So orientation in miliseconds is much easier:

[Image: 565cQ.jpg]

Ehm, sharper shadows aren´t more realistic. The bigger the sun and the more the lightmapped object is away the more blurry the shadows will be. Don´t get stressed about it. It´s fine for the state of progress at the moment.

Also, blue lights... please not. The colours look nice how they are at the moment. Tongue

To avoid missunederstandings:

Theme: Smooth 'star' desin, Fururystic and clean style, slightly sloppy at some areas
Feelings: Warmth
Colors: Warm: From yellow and caramel to red.(currently there are still blue lights, but I will replace them.)
Gameplay: Medium size duel map, vertical fights, tactical approach. Possibility of ambush and sneaky nex shots.

Main areas:
  • Mega area - has some armor shards too. 3 entrences.
  • MashinGun area - has some shards and ammo, nice vertical combats there.
  • Mega armor area - 2 entences
  • Nexgun area - 3 entences, 1 teleport leading out.
  • Electro area - has electro and 50 HP
These are the things I would rather not change.... Or just slightly. The rest is open.

-As always: You can dance with the bots if you like. Or join exile1v1 to play vs fisume Tongue

Quote:Also, blue lights... please not. The colours look nice how they are at the moment.

I used "for example" for a reason Smile

I was referring to navigation with that - different lights make quick navigation easier.


Read that, might find it handy when it comes to building palette of level:

Also - here is example of area, where shadows should be sharper
[Image: HSTVW.jpg]
And what is dat - I can barely see that:p

[Image: VhvDM.jpg]

THIS! IS! TELEPORTER_DESTINATION! (kick into a death pit)

Btw: shadows might look a bit strange, because I use ambient.

Instead of the ambient key use _minlight. Works better. Wink

NEVER use _minlight, if you want to have realistic environment. Work and test-compile until you puke, but get the job done without FAKE lights. Shadows are indicators of geometry, space and lighting.

Now tell me what´s wrong with _minlight? If you use it properly (!) then it´ll do a great job. Otherwise you will receive pitch black shadows. And don´t tell me that _minlight is bad, I´m using it all the time and you can´t just say that my maps suck concerning lighting, do they? Tongue

Last time I played, I didn't like how you come out of the teleporter..almost like you come out facing the wall..quite annoying. Will re-try again Smile
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


Minlight sucks because it's unnatural and fake. They generate "cartoon" feeling. If you have problems with pitch black shadows, place light sources on the level like lamps and use -bounce, different shaders and so on. But don't create fake environment.

Maddin Wrote:It´s everyone´s (!) personal opinion. Period.

I better don´t start typing the next argument, I don´t want Justin´s thread to become a flame war.

For those who aint know yet: I decided to scale the map down precisely 10%. Most of the tricks got slightly easier and the score should be also 10% higher. I am slowly finishing the layout changes and making crazy detail right now. As Majki suggested: I pay more attention to shadows and lights currently, hope you guys and girls enjoy it. Next version should come soon, I am impressed by the number of matches on the map since yesterdays relese. Thanks for big support!

EDIT: I removed ambient, shadows should get a bit deeper now. I still dunno what compiling settings to adjust to achive perfection...

EDIT2: I added specific platforms on player spawns (kojn's suggestion) and now its easy to get spawn kills Big Grin

Scaled and more detailed version:
Main post also updated

the player spawn pads shouldn't affect physics IMO. Make them non clipping or merge them to be level with the floor.

also misaligned textures everywhere.

-samplesize 1 -samples 16 -lightmapsize 2048

and _lightmapscale 0.0625
will produce insane results though I don´t recommend to use them as it takes ages to compile with these.

The "Final: (Xonotic default)" and "Final: -light -dirtscale 2 (Xonotic approved)" compile settings work fine for any case. Bounce is not very nice in my opinion as it makes everything just plane bright and costs a LOT of compile time.

_lightmapscale 0.0625 - this one would take ages to compile. Thanks for help, Maddin, S1lencer. Im testing more 'plain' spawn platfroms now.
Oh and PS: I started clipping, because Mirio started digging the map in search of bugs of all kind.

Quote:_lightmapscale 0.0625 - this one would take ages to compile

Use it only on selected brushes, only where you need sharp shadow. And yes, it takes longer, but your map will be played in years to come, so it pays off in the long run.

For a FINAL version it can be used BUT any _lightmapscale factor smaller than 0.25 seems to crash the compile. Work with -samplesize for really sharp shadows.

Majki Wrote:Use it only on selected brushes, only where you need sharp shadow.
I don´t recommend to give only certain brushes a different lightmapscale as it will look really awkward that some brushes have blurry shadows and then others extreme sharp ones.

It seems as if there are a lot of questions and myths about lighting concerned compile settings. I don´t want Justin´s thread to derail and separate this discussion to another thread which I will start now, also because I´m currently writing a GUI for the q3map2 compiler for Xonotic.

Map looks preddy good, i just had a quick run-tough tho, so ill be back with more feedback once i played it 'for real'. One thing that did strike me tough, it would be easier to know where you are in the map if you had some different floor and/or wall texturing in different major areas.

@ minlight etc
fake? newsflash! no Xonotic maps are real (O M G) . Whatever gets you the look *you* want is ok. Personally i prefer floodlight over minlight or ambient. lightmapscaling some parts is fairly unnecessary work, subdivide the geometry instead, one thing Darkplaces/Xonotic IS fast at is rendering static geometry, so use that to your advantage.

I updated the map version: the main post of this thread also updated.
No leaks, no bugs (probably), new details, darker design, easteregg, one additional corridor (find it!) Tongue

On the _minlight/ambient discussion:
Afaik, minlight adds a consistent layer of brightness to your lightmap while ambient takes existing lights and increases their brightness. For this reason minlight will result in washed out colors if you do not use it propperly (as it overlaps with other lights) -- generally your level should be well lit by using shader and entity lights only; for final versions I would not use minlight at all.
If you are not happy with your levels brightness you should support your shaders with additional entities you spread around a light source or stick to ambient light with values not higher than 10; I think ambient light does not do much for a light source's radius but rather for the intensity which is why you might run into overbright effects easily. The _color key is also useful and should always be used if you rely on ambient light (it should possibly match the color of your skyshader's light).

Just played your new version; I think you got 4 jumppads which is quite a high number for a duel level. You always got to consider that jumppads take away all the momentum a player has and make them an easy target for opponents. That's why jumppads interrupt the flow of a map and why you should use them sparingly.
I think you could easily replace the JP by the Nex with a nifty ramp and the JP by the Mega Health with a ramp and/or a curved staircase. Alternatively you could always use another teleporter which would be a better solution in at least one of the cases.

(09-03-2012, 03:08 PM)cityy Wrote: I think you could easily replace the JP by the Nex with a nifty ramp and the JP by the Mega Health with a ramp and/or a curved staircase. Alternatively you could always use another teleporter which would be a better solution in at least one of the cases.

There is already a ramp (to the right of the door on the ground level) which lets you jump up to the nex. There's also a ramp which lets you avoid the higher of the two jumppads near the MH. I think providing the jumppads is good for players who can't do all the trickjumps, and having the jumps there as well is of course great for people who prefer not to get slowed down.
[Image: 769.png]

Layout changes:

[Image: xonotic20120911232146-00.jpg] [Image: xonotic20120911232255-00.jpg]

Skybox and lighting changes (the map seems darker now).

[Image: xonotic20120911232314-00.jpg]
I added some typical Xonotic stuff (barrels and containers)
I will provide download link very soon.

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