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[SUGGESTION] per-weapon/vehicle camera toggling

I noticed after playing around with the camera settings that just like in UC2, certain weapons have a better feel and are easier to use depending on whether your using a first person view (laser and just about anything precise or non-melee pretty much requires first person) or a third person view (shotgun and crylink are especially easier to use in third person). An option to have the camera toggle between first and third person depending on your weapon or vehicle would be seriously enhance the game.

Oh wait.

You can do that fairly easily, by making aliases that change the POV

I will edit in the cvars soon here
[Image: 12766.png]
Sucks at weapons

You can't make it automatic with next/previous binds, weapon cycles, weapon throwing and autoswitch, though. And vehicles.

A setting to enable chase cam while in a vehicle can work, I've tried it before.
Weapon switching may be harder & probably annoying to most players.
[Image: 230.png]

How did you get it to work with vehicles? Maybe doing it with weapons could be doable by doing something similar.

Oh wait.

Here is a rough way to do it:

alias wep1 "weapon_group_1; chase_active 0" keep this similar for all the first person weapons
alias wep2 "weapon_group_2; chase_active 1" keep this similar for all third person weapons

the weapon_group_x command is what you need to change for each weapon bind
you can use the bindlist command to check what keys you've bound to weapons

afterwards do:

bind 1 "wep1"

change the 1 and wep1 to each key and alias that you created (again, bindlist is useful)

as for vehicles I'm not sure...

I guess you could do:

set vehicle_cam 0
alias vcam "toggle vechicle_cam; +use"
bind f "vcam"

but I'm not sure if that even works... tbh I think there should be a nicer system for these sort of things
[Image: 12766.png]
Sucks at weapons

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