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The best nexuiz videos

(09-30-2010, 08:01 AM)Mirio Wrote:

All my FOTM submissions in 1 video Big Grin . Well all which I could find. In order from "bad" to "awesome" Big Grin The last 3 are probably my best frags ever (starting with mentalspace frag) Tongue

Nice bud.
As for me, my favorite is the last but one, over Lord on evilspace.

Thanks all. ^.^

Mirio i remember commenting on the youtube, that mentalspace frag was dreamlike. nice video!

watching my own low quality yt videos, i still like a lot, really a lot this one which i didn't post for a FOTM although i wanted . Its a long range quad laser shot , but , still now, i m puzzled how on earth i got my enemy with no zoom, and neither seeing him more or less, on 1 shot! this shows that that time, having broken up with gf, i was playing 2 much : D . Also guys i invite to watch justin' s videos (just search yt nexuiz) imho they are tastier and even better than franco's awesome rage. (personal taste)

Indeed, I gave Justin the hint too, registering here and show his videos Wink

I think they are good, yea, as good as rage?!^^ hmm... Wink

(10-07-2010, 10:42 AM)Debugger Wrote: Indeed, I gave Justin the hint too, registering here and show his videos Wink

I think they are good, yea, as good as rage?!^^ hmm... Wink
btw, there was only a trailer of rage, or i missed something?

Indeed, ther was only the trailer...
Sadly, he gave the project up, it took him too much time, he does his studys now :|

In any way, he deleted the stuff, you wont see a movie of that Sad

Im working on my movie now too, I hope it will come out before xonotic beta0.1 Wink

Hello there, check out my new trailer to my upcoming fragmovie, "Deep in Space" Wink

I hope Im fast enough to bring it out before xonotic 0.1 beta is released Tongue

edit: sry for not turning off con_notify :| I forgot to do that in the first half of all my recordings...

Looks intresting Debugger, keep it up (don't rush with it, good movies take their time).

A cheap trailer for my video

and the 2nd [BOT] video will come soon.

Hmm, quite nice video, Mirio. Debugger, Yours seems to be rly good, however I think You're specialist of making trailers, trailers... and guess what? Trailers! Moreover: Very good trailers, but after all there are still "only" trailers. Smile

heh, yea Justin, still working on the movie itself Tongue
I have to record some more frags, in addition it will take me still several hours to finish the movie Smile

This is my trailer for upcoming nexrun video featuring runs from me and hunnybunny (mostly HB).

I did this in 2 hours so it's not perfect by any means, is also on my ftp if you want to watch FullScreen with much better quality.

Enjoy hope you like.
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @



Hey Justin, what's the map at 0:20 in the Xonotic Design vid called?

shad3dm2: Deep Freeze by Shadowdane

Hello guys,
I didnt want to make an own thread, so simply: Here is one more movie Big Grin
Deep In Space

The trailer for "Deep In Space":

And the Movie itself!

Remember to watch in high quality! Wink

Here's my second frag movie so far,

Keep in mind it's only my second frag movie, so it's not perfect by any means. In fact, I'm thinking about redoing parts of the video, and adding a proper "out-tro" as some people have suggested. Smile

Also, to let some of you know, I've already started planning on a new frag movie....expect to see a trailer sometime this month. I'm working on several different techniques for the transitions as well as the overall quality of the video.

Very nice work Justin, would like to see vids like that for xonotic on the main page.

(11-01-2010, 11:46 AM)Debugger Wrote: Hello guys,
I didnt want to make an own thread, so simply: Here is one more movie Big Grin
One more movie, ok, but one more high quality movie.
So your vid deserves its own thread imo.
Nice flow, nice music, varied frags. Well done John!!

I think You all should know that I and Kojn are making a new frag video.
Everything recorded in Xonotic on high fps and rly smooth action. I' ve already asked Morfar to work with me on this new video (I hope You're recording videos... -> as many as its possible, Morfar). I encaurage You all to send demos or ideas. Sorry about our previous project, Debugger, however there is still an oportunity for You to join in. Every your gameplay wich You will send to me will be appreiciate and used in new frag video.

I think we can make a litlle competition for name of this new project.. What do You think it should be?

Thank You, Kojn for You tips and advices. Now Im stepping up on the higher level of movie making, because of You!

From what I've seen justin the video quality was amazingly crisp and clear. The start however is a little blurry with the frame's, I don't know if that is an effect from Vegas or because you recorded with motionblur on in Xonotic? And I found the first clips hard to see because of the default colour skins, some bits of them.

Also I would add in the bottom left or right corner the name of whoever the clips of the frags are from Smile

I would also try and use a better/nice font for the text.

Also, I hope the movie will show mostly 1st person and not too many cams, only use cams when it's needed Smile

Other then that, the editing was really good and the picture quality looked outstanding!

I will make sure I get some new demo's soon.
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


Yesterday I got a super frag and I want to share it with you! Smile
Its the first frag.
Also I didn't press right click to detonate the rocket at the last frag.. Big Grin Lucky shit.


OUI! Kojn, Morfar, I need more of Your demos and more Your demos cause the Video is stuck right now!

Yes sir.
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


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