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[Duel/FFA]Crystal Cave

Wow. Not only you climb the walls of my maps but you also brake them, Mirio? This is beyond the line. Ok on more serious note: It's caused by duplicated brushes and the texture bug is because of the z-fighting of two surfaces. Thanks to Maniac I will be able to fix problems with fern texture and do some more clipping...Hagar, you say? I will think of that too! Are there any videos of gameplay available yet? I would love to see the map in action although I have to improve its performance first
Im allready working on polishing brushwork and changing some structures to make them look more real. This is much easier with your feedback, guys. Im just glad to be here.

Okey, Ive played 1 match on first version and now a second one on the newest release. The first version was much more balanced item wise. The new item placement make it very boring since you can simply camp at Nex and win the whole game, I gonna render a video when I played on it and I was able to do just that 1/3 of the game if not more. I suggest removing the 50a in nex room completely, or move the nex from there AND the 50a, or changing the place of the 50a with the mega health and removing the mega health (at least from that room, the mortar room needs more love for example, not much action there in either of the matches I played).

Will provide more feedback when Ive played more games, gonna see if I can render that video too.

here's just the demo, maybe next time

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 1.84 MB / Downloads: 3)

cl_capturevideo_ogg 1 will record the video in .ogv format (YouTube supports it), file size is tiny.
[Image: 230.png]

Thanks anyway, Machine!
All right: Version r02 comes up:
  • Item placement changed (discuss please!)
  • New skybox (a bit too bright still)
  • The invisable walls problem fixed
  • Improoved drawings on the walls
  • Fixed (hopefully for good) fern texture
  • Added some clipping that Mirio and Packer won't climb the walls anymore
  • Changed shapes of the structures and added new ones.
  • Rainbow stays, just skybox changes. Smile
  • Maniac: I managed to reduce the size of pk3 to only 34 MB!

[Image: mega-drawing.jpg]
if you find something: Please tell me! Im just a human.

please please please stop drinking too much ... Tongue
the textures of fern even missing Rolleyes

[Image: xonoti10.jpg]

please change direction textures/map_floating/trees/fern to textures/map_stone-shelter/fern in Crystal-cave-r02.bsp

[Image: xonoti11.jpg] edited the file and uploaded it to: (Prophets) DeathMatch Temple

If anyone interessted here you can play some instagib matches

All in all - I like the map very much - but there is some debugging action required and the file should be less huge ... Big Grin

GreetZ Su


Just a tip, that you can test if map has all needed assets by creating separate profile for testing

xonotic-glx -userdir ~/.xontest # once to create dir structure
place map in ~/.xonotic/data/
xonotic-glx -userdir ~/.xontest # and then to test Wink

Played 2on2 on latest version, here's some random remarks:
  • The nex room (previously mortar room) is still not used a lot
  • Way too little items overall, you had to think about laser jumping or not since you always had so little hp/armor
  • The cell ammo is in same room as nex and very near electro, a good rule is to always have the ammo as far from its weapon as possible
  • Maybe put some important item in the water, perhaps quad?
  • The sketches on the walls are such a freaking nice touch =o

Su, I don't know much about mapping, but editing the bsp file itself surely can't be the best way to fix the issue, right? It should be fixed in the source .map file instead.

(05-28-2014, 05:58 PM)Mr. Bougo Wrote: ...but editing the bsp file itself surely can't be the best way to fix the issue, right?

quite right Mr. Bougo Big Grin

... but sometimes it.s a fast and easy way to fix problems with a hex-editor to get a fully workin file because radiant didn.t work for me Undecided

GreetZ Su

Im sorry for lack of progress but I'm having difficult exams at the university. I will try to finish out this project whenever I can. Anyway I don't have great hopes about this map. I am thankfull for your feedback.

(06-14-2014, 05:07 AM)Justin Wrote: Anyway I don't have great hopes about this map.

This map has great potential! Good luck with the exams. Smile

Hey and sorry for a very long reply. Without community members and their great feedback I would drop this project. But here it is: New version. I tried to make map easier for newcomers and better for old floks and also more pretty
[Image: change2.jpg]
  • Plenty of health and armor added
  • Changed item placement
  • Replaced one jumppad with teleport (Better map flow.) and added more lighting
  • Made acces to some platforms easier: (Better map flow.)
  • NEW SKYBOX! Smile
  • Quad added
  • Fixed fern texture (hopefully)
  • Updated minimap
  • New texture for crystals - Easier acces to this platform and in other places - Teleport

If you have any issues with gameplay: Please, let me know: Its you who should enjoy the map.

Download CrystalCave-r04.pk3


Wow this looks great! I'll put it on DCC once you fixed the issue Smilecythe found - that should be rather easy to do (speaking from absolutely no experience).
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C'mon man! Give us a chance, huh?
This is easy for Smilecythe only. I would never even consider thinking that this jump was possible. And he had to post it just to piss me off Wink Thanks for making my day! On more serious note: This jump seems impossible to me and I don't think this is going to affect the gameplay whatsoever. It would be better to see productive deathmatch or a duel on this map rather then this kind of footage. Tongue I will be idling on IRC. Mabye will have a chance to play my map finally.
EDIT: Is this version on any server?

Ok, I tried it myself, and I also can't reproduce this :o)

It is now on DCC: Plain, Minsta, Pickup and Transmutable.
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(08-30-2014, 03:37 PM)Halogene Wrote: Ok, I tried it myself, and I also can't reproduce this :o)

It is now on DCC: Plain, Minsta, Pickup and Transmutable.

Thank you Halogene I will update first post with the servers names. If anyone have a feedback about item lamement I would be grateful.
There were some suggestions that map would work the best as a TDM 2v2 or slow paced duel. We had yesterday a DM game going on and it seemed that most of the time there is enough resources for every player and the action was pretty tense Smile
Waiting for feedback

I'd love to see a duel of two players of same skill on this and the first one to score a frag to go for the trick Smilecythe showed and waiting there until time's up and game ends 1:0 :o) I think it will be hard to hit you there once you get there?
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Latest track on soundcloud: Farewell - to a better Place (piano improvisation)
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Yes afterwards it seemed like you had spread resources really thin across the map for duel when in reality, the number of passages and connections is perfect for 2v2. Duel would work also with a lot of knowledge of the map, and the right item set.

wow - some fine enhancements Big Grin

imho the map is a bit darky now - anyway I like it

But the size ... Tongue ... some impatient will disconnect before download will be finished.

Map playable on (Prophets) Duel Sanctuary & DeathMatch Temple [MinstaGib|Hook]

GreetZ Su

I'll see if we can get this on the NA server for testing.
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

I don't really have time at the moment to make a review but will do if I happen to play the map. Only wanted to say that it's awesome you continued working on it, because I see great potential in it for duel and especially 2on2 tdm.

Thank you for your opinions, time and pieces of advice. Im looking forward to see the map on NA server Antibody. Good to hear that machine will make a review. When it comes to finishing the map: In the first place I was busy but then when I got time I couldn't force myself to finish this project (lazy!). In the end I decided to carry this, because some folks in the community claimed that this is not a lost cause and it would be a shame if I dropped map at this stage. Thank you for your support.

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