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New PsyX duel servers

Hey folks!

We've now established two more PsyX duel servers in Europe. One is located in Sweden and the other one in Latvia.
This should reduce latency issues for Nordic and Balkan/Russian 1v1 players.

So in total we have now 3 PsyX duel servers!

PsyX Duel (Latvia) (New)
PsyX Duel (Sweden) (New)
PsyX Duel (France)

Special thanks to SpiKe for setting the servers up 8-)
[Image: 65153.png]

For me the server located in France had the best connection speed for me, but it still suffers from those severe package loss freezes, that happens for anyone who is on the server. Any word on that?
[Image: 9214.png]

I have no idea what causes the package loss with the French server, Islinn. This server has a 100Mbps connection, just like the new Latvian and Swedish servers.
It happens very randomly and I guess the issue comes from the provider side.

I will turn off the TDM server since it's barely used, and see if it affects the duel server reliability.
If not, then so be it... or maybe I'll search a new server if I'm not too lazy :p
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in regards to random packet loss on servers... #JustXonoticThings
[Image: 38443.png]

It's sad, really, because I like playing on your server Big Grin Oh well, we'll see if it helps. :-)

(09-14-2016, 05:32 AM)SPLAT Wrote: in regards to random packet loss on servers... #JustXonoticThings

Yeah, it's true that this happens on other servers aswell. Just less frequent and not as heavy. On PsyX the package loss is really heavy, the freeze sometimes takes 8~10 seconds to pass. And then there are also days where PsyX seems to suffer from no lag. Weird :')
[Image: 9214.png]

I just moved the French server to a different provider.
Its location is still close to the Belgium border, so Islinn should be happy about the ping Big Grin

Maybe the packet loss issue is gone... maybe not :p
Stats | Maps: CTF: disarray, vinegar, metro DM: labyrinth Duel: cucumber, quark.

I will try it out today :-)
[Image: 9214.png]

Up-to-date server list:
  • PsyX Duel (France) -
  • PsyX Duel (Poland) -
  • PsyX Duel (Moscow, Russia) -
Stats | Maps: CTF: disarray, vinegar, metro DM: labyrinth Duel: cucumber, quark.

Nice, thank you SpiKe!
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The comrads are pleased.
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