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[SUGGESTION] Making Vanilla more enjoyable for Newbies

ok so I was misunderstood, I mean the tame it takes to create new weapon pickup after the weapon was picked up, I don't mean reload time of the weapons themself

edit: respawn time is probably the right word

(skip to last paragraph if you want to read actually relevant things)

ok to elaborate on my reasoning behind strafe jumping, it will have to be based on Warsow, cos thats a game where i actually strafe jumped.

I could not care less why strafe jumping works, what I care about is the result of it. In warsow your base speed is I think 320 and with strafe jumping I was able to go around 700 without really concentrating on the act of strafe jumping itself, not a particularity good result but that speed was good enough for gameplay,  unlike 320 which meant that you were pretty much a static target.

To me it would be better for new players to simply allow holing jumpkey to give you speed of let's say 600-700 because anybody can get to that point with little practice, but has to know it exist and then find a tutorial and then spend max 3 hours practicing it to get to 600-700m which to me is just a very long and convoluted method to get to what is essentially baseline speed, because in case of warsow (in my opinion and in the time I played it and not competitive, etc...) 600-700 was probably minimum you had to have to have a chance.

So for me on it was just uselessly convoluted way to get to the actual baseline level of speed.

So may poorly constructed argument was, that long respawn time of weapons only  discourages new players from looking for them no matter how stupid such decision is. And from my personal experience fast respawns don't really change the speed I obtain weapons ingame, therefore it maybe possible to consider shortening them.

RE: strafe jumping
That's essentially what a sprint button is (hold button, go faster), but strafe jumping and a sprint button are two very different things. You completely get rid of accelerating at lower values, which is something one would do if they wanted to control how far they'll jump or any form of speed control.

Flat acceleration/velocity when it comes to 'sprint-jumping' can be clunky in its own way (underjumping, overjumping, hitting walls, with no control over trajectory or acceleration), as opposed to regular sprinting in modern games where the character's feet is generally in contact with the ground & can change direction.

(01-09-2018, 07:58 PM)Antibody Wrote: I also agree about the map capacities. It would be nice if we had a  recommendation system wherein only maps suitable for the number of players connected were displayed for voting. 8 players on fuse wouldn't be recommended, obviously. 

there was something like that in nexuiz 1.x-2.2. It was available in the menu, when you select a map. You could see the recommended amount of players.
It was an addition to the mapinfo.
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(01-10-2018, 06:09 AM)Halogene Wrote:
(01-10-2018, 01:01 AM)Lyberta Wrote:
(01-09-2018, 07:58 PM)Antibody Wrote: people who are put off by recharge/reload or even finding weapons are only depleting themselves of options to win fights.

Not really, the net effect is empty servers.

Of course they are depleting themselves of options to win fights.

You missed the most important word in the original quote: "only". Of course they are depleting themselves of options to win fights. But are those fights worthy in the first place?

Don't try fake arguments on me. Your reply does not make sense, and your emphasis of "only" does not change anything. If fights are not worthy, then why play the game in the first place. If players don't like to pick up weapons and also don't like to move, maybe they should play Moorhuhn instead of Xonotic.

You made your point that you don't like this game. Why don't you go do something productive? Spreading negativity all around the forums is neither welcomed nor acceptable. It's like spamming a soccer simulator forum telling everybody that you hate soccer and that the game would be much better if you could build a home base with defense turrets.
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(01-11-2018, 06:41 AM)Halogene Wrote: Spreading negativity all around the forums is neither welcomed nor acceptable.
As someone who frequents negative physical distance from my prey, I welcome all sorts of negativity as long as it's based on something real.

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