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XQC #86 (2v2 CTF/Insta+Hook)

Hi, I'm pleased to announce a new 2v2 CTF Instagib+Hook Cup. If you don't remember, here are links to the previous ones: 1, 2 (brackets: 1, 2).

The biggest change in this cup, comparing to previous ones is using a Swiss bracket. So, there will no elimination, everyone plays till the end of cup. Also, games in the Swiss bracket should be more balanced. This should make this cup fun for players with different skill levels.

General info:
  • Modus: Swiss bracket
  • Date/time: April 28 at 18:00 of CEST (16:00 UTC, 19:00 MSK)
  • Timelimit: 15 minutes
  • Fraglimit: 10, no leadlimit
  • Map Pool: dreamscape, dissocia, nexdance, evilspace_deepsky, lostspace2, warehouse_xon, powerstation
  • Admins: Regulars, Mirio

Important: Please connect to the IRC Channel #xonotic.cup during the cup to read all announcements!

All rounds will be Best of 1 (Best of 3 if there will be less than 8 teams).

Map picking:
  • Best of 1 (teams > 8): Drop-Drop-Drop-Drop-Pick
  • Best of 3 (teams ≤ 8 and playoffs): Pick-Pick-Drop-Drop-Pick
  • Best of 5 (playoff final): Pick-Pick-Drop-Drop-Pick-Pick-Pick

Sometimes results of the Swiss bracket might be not accurate, so we will make playoffs with limited amount of teams to fix this. Playoffs will be for 4 best ranked teams (or ⌈0.3 * teams⌉, depending on what will be larger). All games in playoffs except the Final will be Bo3, and the Final will be Bo5.

You can register here (by posting your team) or you can contact me in IRC. Also, you can come one hour earlier before the cup starts to #xonotic.cup IRC channel and I will try to find a teammate for you. Usually, there are plenty of players who want to participate, but they have no teammate.

During the cup demos will be recorded on server side. It will have some privacy consequences  (your in game private messages will be exposed in demos). Other private information (like IP) will be hidden. I will publish demos here.

Server settings:
Server settings will be same as on Regulars public server, with one exception:  teamkill. So, you can accidentally kill your teammate.
It's actually very same settings that was used for two previous cups, but now it has breakable hook.
During cup games each team may call one timeout (not more then 120 seconds) by using timeout command. It's nice idea to bind it to some key. Use timein to resume the match.

If you want to train before cup, you can do this on Regulars Mars (, private server) or on Regulars Votable (, public server). If a server is switched to another game mode, you need to vote for insta_ctf by vcall insta_ctf.

There will be at least 5 cup servers, I will try to provide as many servers as needed, so games can be played in parallel.
Servers will be public and visible during the cup.
  • [力] TheRegulars ☠ Cup Server #1  stats (
  • [力] TheRegulars ☠ Cup Server #2  stats (
  • [力] TheRegulars ☠ Cup Server #3  stats (
  • [力] TheRegulars ☠ Cup Server #4  stats (
  • [力] TheRegulars ☠ Cup Server #5  stats (
  • [力] TheRegulars ☠ Cup Server #6  stats (
  • [力] TheRegulars ☠ Cup Server #7  stats (
  • [力] TheRegulars ☠ Cup Server #8  stats (
  • [力] TheRegulars ☠ Cup Server #9  stats (
  • [力] TheRegulars ☠ Cup Server #10 stats (
Servers IRC channel: #theregulars
Cup Bracket:
Playoff Bracket

Teams (13)

Hey sl@va,

Good idea, Ill join if a find a mate.

Ill let u know if i have found 1

[Image: 39855.png]

I'm looking for a teammate for this tournament. I'm a defense-minded player, not the best acc either, so looking for a medium-skilled attacker to make a team. Connect me in discord/irc/forum pm, whatever.

Me and NIC4901 would like to participate.

kwakkie and I team up
you can sign us in slava Smile

I'm also looking for a teammate for this tournament. I am very new to the game, but have competed in Quake and CS:GO so I have that experience at least. With a little bit of practise I think I can be a valuable teammate. I'll ask around a little myself but if anyone is interested add me on Steam or contact me on this website.

The map picking is missing a "drop-drop" for Bo1 and Bo3 and our current timezone is now CEST. Smile
I'll put info about this into the #xonotic.pickup topic once Instacup #3 has started.

There will be 1-2 BOT teams incoming, we just don't know who will be playing yet.

Sorry, If I'm wrong, but as far as I know CET and CEST during Summer are same.  Also, seems wikipedia claim same:
Quote:It is also in practice called CET, for example in invitations to events during the summer.

Map picking for bo1 is  Drop-Drop-Drop-Drop-Pick-Drop-Drop and for bo3 is Pick-Pick-Drop-Drop-Pick-Drop-Drop. But these last 2 drops, doesn't make any difference, so I haven't included them. So bo1 have one map pick and bo3 have 3 picks (and all drops have no sense after those picks). It's little it unusual, cause most of cups have 2 picks for bo3 and last map determined by series of drops. But I believe that this will simplify and speed up map picking. On other hand, this may give some advantage for cointoss winner.

Main idea for map picking in bo3, is to play favorite maps of both teams and if there is a tie, cointoss winner can pick map for tiebreaker (after some maps are dropped).
But anyway, I'm happy to discuss map picking and cup rules.

Obviously not an expert in this topic but CET is defined as UTC+1 and CEST as UTC+2, so if someone checks CET's UTC time difference he might get some wrong information?
For players living in CET/CEST region (or DST observing) it does not matter, but it does for Russia for example since summer time in Europe reduces the time difference by 1 hour.
I guess it's probably best to use UTC+2 then. Stupid summer time really. Big Grin


In my opinion it is unfair that a team can choose the deciding map (especially in Bo1) only because they got lucky with the cointoss.
Drop-Drop-Drop-Drop-Drop-Drop-Pick // Pick-Pick-Drop-Drop-Drop-Drop-Pick is what I usually use, which now works with 7 maps. (Still a tiny advantage for the cointoss loser in this case)

Or what about the lower seeded team gets to start the map picking phase? Never tried this before actually.


How many rounds are planned for the swiss system?

Sorry, I thought that CET defined as UTC+1 in winter time and UTC+2 during summer. Also, it defined in same way in tzdata. Wiki also claims same: 
Quote:Central European Time, UTC+1:00 with UTC+2:00 at daylight saving time

Anyway, I have updated post, also included time in few different timezones.

Swiss bracket requires at least 3 rounds for 8 participants, and least 4 rounds for 16 participants. But I think that we will do more, at least 3 more.

Quote:In my opinion it is unfair that a team can choose the deciding map (especially in Bo1) only because they got lucky with the cointoss.

Drop-Drop-Drop-Drop-Drop-Drop-Pick // Pick-Pick-Drop-Drop-Drop-Drop-Pick is what I usually use, which now works with 7 maps. (Still a tiny advantage for the cointoss loser in this case)

During previous insta ctf  cup I thought same. But I have changed my mind after I have seen like one team have lose on map which they pick and have won game on map that was picked by other team.  So, fact that some team have picked map doesn't mean that they will win it. Also, my observation is that when map tend to be determined by series of drops, offten it tend to be map where both participants tend to have average performance. So I wanted to check another way and see what will came from it. But offcourse I can be wrong about it.
Maybe someone else want to say something about this ?
Also, I think  we will have playoffs with limited amount of teams to determine total winner. Cause results of swiss bracket in some cases might be not very accurate, especially with bo1. Also, playoffs will provide final cup game, which everybody likes so match. I will update cup details with added playoffs soon.

I'm Vampy, this is an old account.
I'd like to sign up with Dante.

Also a question from Dante: will autocap be on or off?

Quote:Also a question from Dante: will autocap be on or off?

Autocap will be on. I'll update post and will cover server settings more in depth.

ccCam and I have decided to team up, so sign us up Big Grin

This is Steak Me and Bear would like to team up. Sign us up.  Big Grin

Please sign up team.exe - kougi and morosophos.

I'd like to join!
No team yet. Anyone interested for teaming up?
I'm a medium skilled player, no obvious strengths/play style.

CUP servers are available now. I've made 8 servers, this should be enough up to 16 teams. 
Also, as I already said, all servers record demos server side.

I've made cup bracket. Note, that registration still open and it might change.

akd and me are ready. minstanex

Hi guys, i'd like to participate the cup but i've no teammate yet. If someone wanna try with me just tell me. Bye

Hi, I've made also 2 servers in Dublin. They should provide better ping for North American players (currently we have one team from NA). I've updated post with new servers.

Congratulations to our winners: Islinn and Taleb. Here's demos from playoff stage. Also you can check grand finals from Islinn's POV:

I will publish demos from swiss bracket little bit later, probably in next Saturday.
Also, I have moved demos from previous two insta CTF cups, now they available here and here.


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