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Why did you start playing?

i love it how some people don't like things at all but stick around just to discuss how to change it entirely. Maybe it's time to find another game and move on? Who's the real one afraid of a change? RantrantrantrantRANTrantrant! (<- rant train. Jump on!)

^Ignore that^. Just say why you started playing.
The poll is just deco.

My definitions of terms:
"try out" - What you do first when you discover a game.
"start playing" - Finding that you like the game and want to learn more.
"keep playing" - Learning about all the aspects of the game and ignoring the negative elements in favor of the positive elements.

tried out - because i never played shooters before
started playing - because i had a creative break, needed a pastime, and all other games were too annoying
kept playing - for teh lulz
4m038105 - Be the change.

I kept playing because its a fun fast fps which can be played any night for a quick burst of adrenaline. But most importantly it has a great community, and there is full control over the game so it can go in whatever direction you chose.
There's nothing better than getting off you butt and contributing to a community. There is no excuse when it comes to computers. Spend a little of you playing time, giving back Smile


tried out - because i never played shooters before - yeah, I'm the same Smile
started playing - I found the game on a magazine cover CD (my internet cap would have prevented me from DLing it otherwise) and thought it looked pretty good Big Grin
kept playing - partially because of the gameplay, and partially because of the community who, unlike the communities surrounding some commercial titles, isn't comprised of six year olds and illiterate script kiddies Dodgy


tried out - I had ~4gb left on the internet plan for the month, so I decided to download it
started playing - yesterday Tongue
kept playing - for about half an hour Wink
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(Idea stolen from Mr. Bougo. Hehehehe)

Tried out in my quest to find a shooter that has depth. (OpenArena bored me to death.)
Started playing because of movement tutorials by -z- and esteel and because of esteel's CTF guide. (Depth found.)
Kept playing because I kept getting better at it and it was a lot of fun.

I tried it out, because the game seemed to be funny (found an article on a german gaming site).
Started playing because I met some cool guys and played with them every day (WiiWii and some of the old dudes).
Kept playing because I got integrated to the whole clan scene (BOT, then a lot of competive TDM matches with allstars). Also because of the community.

Oh hey Clanclanclan Tongue Saw you on my server earlier (Xonotic server)

But well,

I tried Nexuiz out because I was looking for some fun games in the Ubuntu repos... Back at Nexuiz 2.4 I believe.
I started playing because it was simply fun, I mainly played on hook servers since that was the only way I knew how to move fast in the game.
I kept playing because after I had been a public player for a few weeks, I noticed that there was an IRC channel, so I jumped to it and began talking with the people there. After about a day I was invited to the batcaves (Private server) where I saw just how much Nexuiz had to offer, before then I had never seen strafing/combos/map control/1v1/everything that REALLY makes this game unique. Basically I was awestruck and just continued playing on that private server Tongue
I'll go one step further than you guys though, i'll explain why I started developing Tongue This was mainly because there were a lot of features I wanted added to the game which it seemed like no one else wanted to tackle, mainly motionblur, which was what I started with adding. Now I just do it because I enjoy development, and I like being able to (at least slightly) improve the outcome of the game and the experience other players would get.

Because it was free.
Hey, want to learn to map? You might want to start here and here!

Diomedes forced me to

tried out - pretty the same like a post before, just not Diomedes Smile but guy called Rajmund. I`ve never thought i would abandon Red Orchestra. But Rajmund did it, using force, almost literally Tongue

started playing - it was (and is still) the only "quake-like" shooter i`ve ever played. I thought "Whoooa!!!"
It was so fast in comparison to definitely slow Red Orchestra (it`s kind of simulation of II World War soldier), especially minsta impressed me at first.

kept playing - i still enjoy playing it after those 8 months. Also people. Some amazing people. And a habit. I get used to things i do for a longer period of time.
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<Halogene> "fu" means "wow that was wickedly nice that frag"
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I started playing because my brother <chooksta> is all the way in Australia and he hardly ever calls me to say hi! Angry One day he mentioned that he was playing this game called nexuiz. I downloaded it and we both got online together. For the first few weeks I didn't play it i just watched him do these weird things called "bunny hops" and "rocket jumps" and chatted to him. Finally I decided to have a game and I shot a rocket at some guy and it killed him! Killed him dead! And I felt this sense of power and excitement come across me. It satisfied some weird hunger inside of me. I walked away from the game and didn't play for a few days feeling regretful of what I had done but eventually the hunger grew inside of me again. I had to kill again!
I got back online and started killing again! Hundreds! then thousands!, tens of thousands... muhahahahaha, oh I just couldn't stop muhahahahahahahahahahahaha, kill, kill, kill, muhahahahahaha!! oops.... i just pooped a little.


I tried out because it was on a list for popular mac downloads
I started playing in order to find a better way to procrastinate all this endless hours in the office with company (my officemates)
I kept on playing cause its an essential break from the monotony of work. and it has xsax)) .

Btw fisume are you a gay fish? : P

Played it, and found it...lame...until I watched a few videos on Youtube showing techniques...I couldn't get enough.

Well. My brother showed me it and we played, then I started playing on pubs which was fun, then I started to dominate, which was apparently enough for me to get invited a clan, and then continued playing because the community was awesome, along with the game. And haven't really stopped yet.

I tried it out because I was bored and looked through the repos of Ubuntu if any of the free games out there were interesting in any way. I always like to experience with new things.

I started playing the single player campaign, which was quite a challenge for me and I have the weird habit of wanting to master challenges. After I finished the single player campaign I thought well I COULD try to play online, just to see how it is. I never played anything online before that (at least not regularly). I was baffled by the skills of the players and asked "how the heck do you DO that?". Then happened, what should go into the next point:

I kept playing because, representative for the spirit of the community, immediately someone explained to me the concept of laser jumping. And that there are lots of other tricks to be mastered. I read on the forums the famous thread "what I wish someone had told me half a year ago", and was amazed. I had known nothing about bunny hopping nor laser jumping nor anything at all (I believe not even mid-air rocket detonation...) for the whole single player campaign. The community proved to be a very open-minded and friendly one and I immediately liked playing online. I learned how the weapon balance was extraordinary (if you use the weapons right). And, last but not least, I definitely like how fast the game is. Playing it sort of puts me into a speeding frenzy. And I even can turn the gibs off :o)

1: curiosity
2: interesting game
3: great community, cool game
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Tried out - Because I had not played a FPS since Doom (yes, the original game shortly after it came out. I AM that old :p) and Nexuiz 1.5 came free with a magazine I had bought.

Started playing - Because I was a bit bored with racing simulators at the time and was looking for a new fun thing to do on computer(s).

Kept playing - Because it was fun and because of the awesome people I met ingame. Especially on the Minsta servers. Dreckloch for example. Fun times, woo! In fact, didn't The mysterious Mr. 4m and I meet right there?
"Yes, there was a spambot some time ago on these forums." - aa

(05-24-2010, 07:09 PM)booo Wrote: Btw fisume are you a gay fish? : P

I don't have gills, so NO! Blush

Ah, lovely to see your replies. i like how Samual added about development, and others mentioning things that helped me remember things i forgot. MintOX, for example, told about power, excitement and some weird hunger (Somehow, food has always been a key element. There was the PIZZA clan, for example, and many player names derived from foods.), Halogene mentioning the speed and playing online, PinkRobot mentioning Doom and Dreckloch, reminding me of how old i am. Big Grin

4m038105 - Be the change.

(05-25-2010, 12:07 PM)The mysterious Mr. 4m Wrote: PinkRobot mentioning Doom and Dreckloch, reminding me of how old i am.

yeah daedalus's dreckloch Big Grin

I started playing when I was seriously considering replacing Windows XP Pro with Ubuntu when I had my older PC dual-booted. Through googling I discovered it while looking up ways to make Windows games run under Linux. I downloaded it with Wesnoth and Urban Terror. When I started playing it I realized this wasn't your typical UT/Quake3 clone like lame ass Open Arena (Fake Q3A lol) or merely OK Alien Arena. I seriously got into it and realized that this truly was the only other arena FPS that had the depth of UT99 while being it's own game in it's own right. I immediately got hooked on it and recognized it as "The best arena first person shooter since the original Unreal Tournament" in my LameSpot review. Some of the best gameplay and one hell of a community is the reason I continue to play it today.

Oh wait.

switched from win to ubuntu and was looking for a nice, fast game for quickies. downloaded it, tested it, liked it! the same night my flatmate started playin it too. some month later he set up a server ([d!c]) and we kept on playin. ;]
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I wanted an FPS that was cool and ran on linux. This would be my first FPS. Found a linux livecd that was a distro designed expressly for gaming. I tried some FPS' there. Tried warsow, not enough players online. Tried openarena, too many whores. Tried nexuiz, found that it was a cool game with bots, campaign, and people too. Got my start playing on nexican (unfortunately). Was impressed with graphics (not models) and the large number of weapons. Kept playing because it was my only option, and now I'm happy I joined this community rather than a warsow community.
(07-18-2010, 10:59 AM)Flying Steel Wrote: How could anyone with ADHD tell its a high damage weapon if it wasn't a gigantic metal cock fucking the map whenever a player gets within 3 meters of a wall?

[Image: di-712770583645.png]

Tried out Nexuiz, Tremulous, Alien Arena, Smokin' Guns, Warsow and Urban Terror among other FOSS FPS, because FOSS owns for a million reasons and shooters can be a good basis genre for a really well built game.

Ended up playing ten fold more Nexuiz than the others combined because of its combination of bots, useful projectile (not-hitscan) weapons, cool official maps, artful 70MM13 maps (plus music), clean graphics, and a friendly community that stood in stark contrast to the flaming-assholes-with-admin-rights community of Tremulous.

Kept playing and following the project because of awesome features like grapple hook, jetpack, vehicles, character classes, keyhunt, onslaught and assault, various weapons, etc. kept getting added or planned for future inclusion.
(04-01-2010, 11:21 AM)Roanoke Wrote: Yes, beveled edges are more futuristic. Like BSG and their beveled paper.
But only on one edge.

Started Playing/First Played - harry_ftw wanted a game that Charm, him and I could all play together (OS X/Linux) so he found nexuiz and forced me to play.

Kept Playing - Cos tinason was awesome, and then shiftysix came. Was fun to talk about with my friends at school. We then got more and more of our mates from school to play so it was pretty g.

Now the Australian community has grown from us 3/4 to about 30-40 regular players!
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Well I was introduced to the game by my brother. One day my cousins came over and played it on MY computer (it was new at the time) and so I got jealous and kicked them off so I played the game so they wouldn't because it was MY COMPUTER. Anyways, I found out you could there were real people playing, and it amazed me, plus the community was (and still is) awesome. I knew it was LOCE AT FIRST SIGHT the minute I clicked my right click and fragged the blue player. <3

Tried it - repos, looking for linux games. grabbed this and wesnoth.

Started playing - simple, easy gameplay... yet fast and hard to master at the same time

Kept playing - amazing community
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