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What I Am Listening To!



Very nice, Maddin. This sounds familiar but I really have no idea where I could have heard this.

Bookmarked for later.
EDIT: you can embed youtube videos using [yt] and [/yt] around your URL eh Smile

Ah thanks! I was searching for that! Smile


Btw, does anybody know what "eat my bear" mean?
Well, of course, I do have an immediate asumption but...

Aaah, excellent news! So exciting! This is fabulous already.




Burial is just brilliant. And also the reason why I really really dislike it when all sorts of things get classified as Dubstep. This is the Dubstep I like, the harsher things I could do without. Props to Rad_Ished for introducing me to this.



Good stuff, and here's more for free if you want:


(01-27-2012, 11:24 AM)Maddin Wrote: Turn up your speakers!

Dreamcast Quake III > PC Quake III

Limitations of the Dreamcast hardware actually worked in favor of the game due to the player cap typically being like eight fighters or something online and four locally. Something that NEEDS to happen to Quake Live (since matches are ALWAYS overpopulated, maps are way too small for the amount of players that flood them). Also the soundtrack was superior and fit the environments better, if only they released the Team Arena content for the Dreamcast... It should also be noted that the textures were sharper. Only downsides are the obvious lack of mods and map additions (though the Dreamcast did get some exclusives), though map rotation in Q3A was never really good, not because of the mapping community, but because of the download speed of Quake III: Arena (lol like 22 KB/s or something) itself. Unreal Tournament however was a different story (as fast as what your connection allows, especially if redirects are set up on servers).

Back on topic, here's a bad ass chip tune from back in the day


Oh wait.

MrBougo: awesome vid!

since we're posting also PC games soundtracks - listen to THIS

or this:

Also I like the PC Quake soundtrack better, especially from its sound quality... :o)
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A friend put me onto this:!/artist/Ludique/1802855
Hey, want to learn to map? You might want to start here and here!

@Sep: Hey, that's good! I must have heard some of this before, but I didn't pay attention. I like.

(02-02-2012, 05:26 AM)Halogene Wrote: since we're posting also PC games soundtracks - listen to THIS

Nice songs.
Not PC, still game music.
You feel so badass when you enter the multiplayer menu and set up everything while listening this. Big Grin

or this is good too:


OH SHIT SON! Your posting console FPS at it's finest, back when it used to put up a fight against PC and was at one time better than what the PC had (hell, PC to this day never really got an answer to GoldenEye, Perfect Dark, or Time Splitters save maybe No One Lives Forever). Really wish I could hear that loud explosion go off in the first video though, in my opinion that should have been part of the music track itself. btw the PC version of Turok and Turok 2 were butchered beyond belief, only redeeming feature is being able to play them in 1280 X 1024, but the hardware requirements to get the game to run right at the time was ridiculous and some content was cut. Almost forgot to mention that the music didn't loop properly either. btw here's a section that PISSED ME OFF in the PC version, listen to the N64 track then listen to the PC one. I was really mad because this was my favorite map in the game followed by Port of Adia and the River of Souls.



Yeah, they seriously cut it off at it's most suspenseful moment, just as the track was about to go into it.

Oh wait.

here are some of my favorite game soundtracks
this one needs no words to be described
some goes for that one
the soundtrack is actually better then the game
overlooked but a good game with a good soundtrack
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Found this yesterday, so catchy and happy!


Latest song from the guy we didn't select for xonotic soundtracks. Remember?...

That's fun, I just randomly ended up on a Professor Kliq track just today. Don't know enough of it yet, but what I heard is quite good. Not sure about pop remixes though, that's a risky area for me, I'll listen later.


i guess im the weird one here now xD

The original song is better! Tongue

But I try to compete with "weird" stuff.


wow some nice punk Big Grin
but it gets a lot weirder...

<3 this

My turn?

EDIT: that's CC-licensed btw,

Hail to the king baby.

But my main music likes are Rush, Iron Maiden, GN'R, etc.

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