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[CTF] Hydroxon, yes, it's Hydronex for Xonotic!


according to a completely made up survey, three out of 1000 Nexuiz players say "Yeah, I would play Xonotic, if only there was a special version of Hydronex for Xonotic!"

So obviously porting this map was a mission critical project and I immediately deployed 143 of my most efficient beavers to get the job done.

New version, hydroxon-r2

[Image: wlanpga7cadyee7b5jte_thumb.jpg]

[Image: jkl9wbelcv6mr4t7z9s_thumb.jpg]

[Image: l5junx4hz7ply6hmkpj3_thumb.jpg]

[Image: z2npzr9subzp0qtfhvv2_thumb.jpg]


Map comes with bot waypoints, although the bots have trouble with water. Map sources are included. The map also is available in the savagex/hydroxon GIT branch.

And a reminder on how things looked like in Nexuiz:


Looks really nice! I look forward to play some matches on it.

A few tips:
-The jumppads in the bases look like they are not supposed to be there, just out of place.
-I think some more lights would look nice.
-Maybe some kind gate in the middle. Only for eyecandy, it shouldn't close orbe an obstacle in any way.

D/L'ing now Smile
[Image: sigdammit2.png]


Added map to [mon] overkill's map pool

Thanks for the feedback so far, currently brewing a r2 in GIT.

tZork, thanks for adding this to the map pool. I assume this map will play well on Overkill, the overall "opposing bases, with middle ground" layout is a tiny bit like space-elevator, which is insane fun in Overkill (albeit, or perhaps because of being, a bit chaotic).

Hydroxon - yay.

One of the (more or less) "classic" and often played maps of earlier times.
I'd love to see this added to a regular CTF server / played with 3v3 or 4v4 Big Grin

Thanks a lot SavageX !!!!!!11111oneoneoneleven
[Image: Sigsig.jpg]

One of the best pub maps back at nexuiz times. Should be added to the DCC CTF maplist.

This map isn´t an eyecatcher but the gameplay is just awesome! It´s now up to you, SavageX, to make this map looking amazing! Wink

Thanks for the kind feedback, it's always nice to know that mapping work is appreciated ;-)

I've already worked a bit on the visuals, progress can be witnessed in GIT.

I was going to do a version of this aaaaggesss ago but I never bothered my arse finishing it. Good work!
Hey, want to learn to map? You might want to start here and here!

I wondered why the lighting looked flat, then discovered that I used _minlight in the original Hydronex. Already worked a bit on better lighting

[Image: misdvcwhnsabpk3tutnu_thumb.jpg]

[Image: zc7t8cyrc8p6wmu15cb2_thumb.jpg]

You can also see that I visually integrated the jumppad into the floor geometry and added some ramps on the side walls of the hall for added movement fun.

Edit: Yes, the ramps are a nod to Egyptronex:

Cool! Smile

Did you also use sRGB lighting?

(02-09-2012, 02:45 PM)Maddin Wrote: Cool! Smile

Did you also use sRGB lighting?

Yes, using sRGB Smile

Maps like this will make the public gameplay enjoyable for a lot of people. So thanks for doing this!

Now... is there already a Facing Xon? Tongue
"Yes, there was a spambot some time ago on these forums." - aa

New version, hydronox-r2! Much improved lighting, added some detailing.

Screenshots and download in first post.


@tZork, can you replace hydroxon-r1 with hydroxon-r2 on the [mon] overkill server?

oh haha i installed on the wrong server Tongue up2date now.

Cool, thanks!

Was kind of hoping someone would of remade it more akin too the original UT map as its tbh much better then the nex/xon versions and not as linear.

This remake of the nexuiz version looks pretty though so good work.
[Image: 542.png]

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