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State of the stats address

Okay, not going to be as long-winded as a politician here, but I'd like to share some stats numbers for the year so far. Keep in mind that these aren't representative of Xonotic as a whole because I only get information from stats-enabled servers. The numbers can also be skewed a little bit by people fully deleting and reinstalling Xonotic (thus creating new accounts), but this stuff should still be relevant. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Games per month
January - 1994
February - 2032
March - 4106

Games played by game type
CTF - 3537
DM - 2355
Duel - 2123

Unique players in each month
January - 561
February - 605
March - 1529

Servers, by games played
eXiLe CTF (minstagib) - 1354
[MoN] Overkill - 1149
DCC's Plain Delight DM - 650

Maps, by games played
stormkeep - 539
xoylent - 439
final_rage - 225

New players
January - 325
February - 412
March - 1235
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

Great news, and march isn't even over yet!! My experience is, too, that player count has greatly increased. Many times I find populated servers nowadays, and I've never done that many tutorials per month before, some times even with more than one participant. It also happened to me for the very first time that I am hesitating to join a server with only one human player on it because it might be a newbie and I actually would like to play a game for a change instead of giving tutorials all the time :o)

We also have some seriously skilled newcomers, which is also great!

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Awesome news! Smile

Halogene Wrote:We also have some seriously skilled newcomers, which is also great!
That´s right. Especially the players from Quake Live are interested in Xonotic.

Great to see that the amount of games this month has doubled, and the amount of new players has tripled Big Grin

Also the stats system itself starts to look very professional, great job, Antibody!

Thanks Mepper!

I'm improving things weekly in stats, but I never come here to let people know what I've been up to. I mainly just talk to a few people in IRC, so things can easily get buried in the backlog. For that reason I think I'm either going to start doing blog posts or an ongoing forum thread. I also want to have a dashboard that people can look at to show the latest overall information about the things stored in the stats database.
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

chookys likes d ^v^ b <== thumbs up (ya see that????)



very awesome outlook from these stats!

(what about my json? :X )

I wouldn't hold your breath on JSON Big Grin
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

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