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standard texture projection -> alternative texture projection

Is there any way to convert maps (uncompiled ones) which use the standard texture projection (e.g. Quake 3) to maps with the alternative texture projection (->Xonotic) ?

You are talking about the .map files right? Besides changing the textures by hand in Netradiant, it should AFAIK be possible to open the files in a regular text-editor and thus also write a script to replace textures etc.
.bsp files are a completely different matter though.

Edit: Maybe I completely misunderstood what you want Undecided

I found out that it is possible to change the alternate projection to the normal projection (as used in Quake 3) with the ZeroRadiant. But didn´t found a way to it the other way around.

Changing this via the text file might work but I don´t have a script which could do that automatically.Undecided

i don't use netradiant to often, so i may be wrong here but test: open the map, tick alternate texture projection, re-save (you may have to do sth silly like moving a brush back and forth first to make it "think the map changed" ; ).

Technically I did this already with Warfare. This map uses the old texture projection.

Nevertheless I gave it a try, created a new map with standard projection and it seems like NetRadiant automatically switches between the projection modes. It does load maps with the standard texture projection even if alternate texture projection is checked. It then creates new brushes with the settings of the map of course. It also works the other way around.
But when you try to paste brushes with normal texture projections into a map with alternate projections then NetRadiant shows an error message and doesn´t paste the brushes:
7:2: parse error at '(': expected '#quake3-switch-to-texdef'
brush 0: parse error
entity 0: parse error

The setting of the texture projection only has an effect when you´re creating a complete new map.

So any other ideas?Undecided

Maybe my old trick for converting between the modes in 1.4 works - create a new map with the mode you want and load the old one as a prefab.

Yes, it does. I coded NetRadiant intentionally to convert the format on File/Import...

But, File/Open... temporarily switches the mode, to not accidentally lose accuracy all the time when two people with differing setting work on the same map.
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Nice! With the newest version of NetRadiant importing the map into another with a different format does work. Copy/paste doesn´t work though. Nevertheless thank you! Smile

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