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What does your username mean?

And it also represents the simpleness of your brain... Tongue

ooh ... god .. you did not bring this up .............
:: hutty trying to restrain himself from a very long story ....
:: maybe I should just tell them its a long story and move on ....
:: like i did with the past hundreds of people who have asked the question
:: ghhhh ......
f$#k it I give up ... initiate long story ......................................

once upon a time .... I was 3 years old ...
me and my older brother had a bunch Lincoln logs ... and hot-wheel cars...
we would build little 2 dimensional houses for the cars ... connecting them till they created a giant complex ...
eventually this became talking car city ...

skip ahead a few years ... I am learning to read ... I decided that I was going to make a picture book ...
seeing as talking cars was still an interesting thing in my life I decided to make my book about that (I still have it ... somewhere)

skip ahead a few more years ... I discovered newspaper comics ... and naturally I decide to make some ...
guess what I make them about ... talking cars ...

skip ahead to about 5th grade ... pretty much everything I am drawing is either stick people ... or talking car themed ... and the other kids in my class (i went to a small school ... the entire fifth grade was about 25 kids) were starting to make fun of me for it ...
so I decided to change things up ...

first I stood them up ... so that they didn't resemble cars as much ...
then I came up with a new name for these "new" creatures (on the spot) ...
huttys ...

armed with these new creatures were new possibilities ... I started to created a world for them ... a back story for them ... and a few other creatures reached the mix (like munchers)

skip a year or two later ... and I get my make my first gmail (meaning I make my first internet account) ...
because my real name (lawrence) is kinda lame ... and the commonly associated nick name (larry) is even worse ...
I picked huttymuncher .... (yes I still use that email (and registered to the forums with it)

skip more years ... first year in highschool ... I finally decide that the hutty thing has gone too far ... when ever I try to explain them to people they always ask ridiculous questions ... (like to their arms come off) ...
I also came to the horrible realization of what they look like without arms ....
So I pretty much shifted my drawing focus over to drawing people ...

anyways ... skipping to now ...
I dropped muncher ... cuase its just silly ...
I am working on a webcomic (hanve't started yet) with all the characters from this "huttys" universe except I'm drawing them as people instead ... the main character is hutty (and looks exactly like my avatar)
And I still use hutty as my name everywhere ... cause it is short ... remember able ... and almost never taken ...

THAT is where hutty comes from ...

(and I have been asked that question a million times)

[Image: vi305w.jpg]

a long story ... thats what Tongue

added pic for reference ...

(08-12-2012, 12:28 PM)hutty Wrote: added pic for reference ...

so basically your name means you're a [redacted] with arms?
haha :P

So... you're a penis?

huttymuncher. That's splendid.

no >.< ... im not a ........... >.<

its just a name now
although ... huttymuncher makes it sound like one

edit :: what picture? ... I dont see anything related to that around here :33

lol xD
[Image: 10253.png]

(08-12-2012, 02:21 PM)hutty Wrote: edit :: what picture? ... I dont see anything related to that around here :33

Dramatic Reconstruction

[Image: dvK7P.png?1]

As you can see it's clearly a car with arms instead of front legs.

Also the wings may or may not be canon


you have it all wrong ... (i dont blame you)

it has bubble hands ... kinda like a tall kirby


and no wings

if your that desparate you could have just done a google image search

I made it up in 6th grade because I needed something original for online games and websites.
Stuck with it since it sounds nice. I don't remember what prompted the name itself, I think it had something to do with bowling/bowl's.

(08-12-2012, 11:16 AM)rocknroll237 Wrote: And it also represents the simpleness of your brain... :P
According to your avatar....

lawrence, thats a sad story.... zzz....

(08-12-2012, 04:48 PM)s1lencer Wrote: [Image: dvK7P.png?1]

That reminds me of *****es drawn all around my school.)

(In case you cant remember Rock'n'Roll's avatar, here it is:)
[Image: nomming.gif?dateline=1334499134]

I resembles a simple creature with minimal brain, but with impressive chewing abilities.)
[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]


[Image: nomming.gif?dateline=1334499134][Image: nomming.gif?dateline=1334499134][Image: nomming.gif?dateline=1334499134][Image: nomming.gif?dateline=1334499134][Image: nomming.gif?dateline=1334499134][Image: nomming.gif?dateline=1334499134][Image: nomming.gif?dateline=1334499134][Image: nomming.gif?dateline=1334499134]

I think my username is pretty self explanatory.

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