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[DM] Cubes

DM map: Cubes

[Image: cubesscreen01.jpg]

[Image: cubescreen-22.jpg]

DOWNLOAD: cubes-x03-r02 (8.5 MB)

Skybox by Jockum Skoglund aka hipshot (
Bot points are added so you can play with bots. Map is rather open, so I suggest normal effects (unless you want to have cool water reflection and relief.)
I played a bit with skybox settings and made weapon and spawn indicators, so its easier to navigate the map.
I am opened to feedback.

Spawn points - 7
Armor total - 50 + 9x5 = 95
Health total 6x25 + 11x5 = 205
Rocket ammo - 2
Cell ammo - 2


Looks wow.
Definatly I'll try this out later.

Reminds me of another map which I didnt find in a quick search here.
[Image: Sigsig.jpg]

Heh, those shiny cubes look kinda familiar Tongue
[Image: 370.png] AKA [~] John Smith on Nexuiz

TRON was my inspiration.
The map was made in 2 days, later I changed a bit layout and groupped cubes). I was also making drawings and generally map is based on my sketches.
I will probably change some things in terms of style and atmosphere, but right now I am trying to find out what people like about the map and what dislike, as players preferences are different and everybody has their own opinion. I am hoping to see this map on DM servers and happy faces of folks who play it.

DAAAMN! Review will come...

Tron always seems to make a great inspiration for Xonotic maps imo, both newschool and oldschool Tron. (8 Bit Arena is one of my FAVORITES). Cubes looks pretty sweet, can't wait to try it.
Negative, I am a meat popsicle.
Announcer mic check and forum thread.

First of all, very original and great looking map! Damn, I was just like "WOW" when I saw the

Item layout:

The item layout is OK, but it feels like it will turn out into a shotgun-frag-fest. When there's not much
health nor armor to pickup it won't be very rewarding to pickup weapons. On the other hand the nex
will be extremely rewarding to pickup, which makes it feel a bit unbalanced. So much much more
health and armor! The nex will be very overpowered in such an open map, so please consider
shorten the ammo. The one here will be the only one needed IMO:
[Image: 2zgumgl.jpg]
This is since you can also pickup other weapons using the same ammo to gain ammo.


This logo isn't aligned correctly:
[Image: 2wp02zp.jpg]

There's also something with the water I don't like. For example Drain has really good water:
[Image: 2wpufmd.jpg]
While it doesn't look as good on your map:
[Image: 2d1l200.jpg]
It's hard to see on these small images, but even on lower settings Drain's water seem to look
better. This must be due to the texture beneath it and the lightnening. If you can try play around
with the lights etc. to maybe get the same awesome water feeling as in Drain!

Other notes:
  • There's some boxes in the air which looks like you can jump too but you can't since they have invinsible walls on them.
  • The skybox(or invisnible wall) up in the sky is a bit low, you hit it when you jump on the higher boxes.
  • The outside of the map doesn't transition too well when looking from above, maybe make them higher?
  • Maybe try make it soo you can't view the whole map from the nex position?

Besides this, AWESOME! Good job man. Smile It's a really amazing map and I wish you good luck with the further development on it.

Thank you for your feedback Machine!
I did quite a few things people should like:
  • More health on the map.
  • Changed a bit style and added more interesting texturs,
  • Changed underwater texture.
  • I played with compilation and made a map slightly darker (but it won't affect gameplay)
  • Nexgun is now elsewhere (better spot I think - closer to the middle - therefore its more dangerous to use)
  • reduced amount of cell ammo.
  • Increased amount of shards.

[Image: cubesscreen01.jpg]

Spawn points - 7
Armor total - 50 + 9x5 = 95
Health total 6x25 + 11x5 = 205
Rocket ammo - 2
Cell ammo - 2

I just have to say it, with just a very few textures and simple boxes you still make it look extremely good! That's real design. Smile

Nexgun is now elsewhere (better spot I think - closer to the middle - therefore its more dangerous to use)

Should it really be dengerous on such an open map, I would say move it back so it's more difficult to take. Tongue

Nice new look though. Smile

wow - nice map Justin

uploaded it on (Prophets) DeathMatch Temple server.

GreetZ Su

Hi there

I really like this map.. the only thing which is missing is the music Tongue. I also uploaded it to my xonotic server because it's a lot of fun to play it. Is that ok for you?
[Image: xonotic_shoutli.png] - listed xonotic minstagib server

Thank you guys for your interest. There is new version of the map.

Thunderbug: Thats rly great you like the gameplay and uploaded it on your own server. Thanks! I added soundtrack DARKHORIZON by Archer, our member. - .
Maniac: Thanks!

I added long sttructures in the background now
I Removed quite a few boxes
I made minimap clear and easy to use:
[Image: cubes-x03-r02_mini.png]


[Image: cubes-structure.jpg]

Thanks to Archer for creating such cool soundtrack (It was used in Imprisoned(shameless advertising) too)

DOWNLOAD: cubes-x03-r02 (8.5 MB)

awesome map, small but like a maze so theres plenty of room for fighting

How do you make such cool minimaps? Smile

Nice update btw!

The generated minimap from the map compile is just another tga file which can be modified as any other image. The game displays just this tga image, no matter what its content is. So you can just paint some lines or even remove them to make better and more clear minimaps.

I once tried edditing a minimap butit did not show up in xonotic after that.
[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]

I agree the minimap is awesome, a lot clearer than most of the other minimaps. I like the overall style of the map too - it feels somewhat alien :-).
My contributions to Xonotic: talking in the forum, talking some more, talking a bit in the irc, talking in the forum again, XSkie

Thank you guys.
AA: Maddin is right. To edit minimap you go to gfx and there you finid mapname_mini.tga open it in gimp or other software you use, then chage it (it should remain 512x512 I think). Just make sure you save it the same as your map name with '_' and mini.tga Also make sure that you have your minimap enabled in HUD. Sometimes it shows up only in team games.

Hello Justin!

I can't give you a professional review, but if you accept my opinion... It's really really great! I love it, you can hide between the cubes and it gives you another feel! I want to say too that the atmosphere of the map is very accomplished, awesome Big Grin

Thank you for creating and sharing with us your map, I'm sure that I'll enjoy it a lot!
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I pronounce it Shonotic.

Hi SouL! I appreciate EVERY opinion. From professionals, from beginners, from guests, etc... I am happy you enjoyed the maps atmosphere, although I am not sure what do you mean by saying 'another feel'. Do you mean that funny shiver you feel in your back when you hid just in time to prevent the opponent from seeing and killing you? Cubes was designed for intense action, but it allows more 'carefull' and sneaky type of gameplay.

I hope you will enjoy my other maps as well.

And mabye (just a suggestion) you will find yourself mapping too? Wink

(05-28-2013, 05:14 PM)Justin Wrote: And mabye (just a suggestion) you will find yourself mapping too? Wink

Hohohoho! This could be incredible but people said me that is pretty difficult and I don't have notions of any kind of art.

I really would like to learn but I'm a simple player. If you know how I can start... Smile

Sorry for the off-topic Tongue
XMPP Conferences → General discussion → Spanish-speakers
I pronounce it Shonotic.

Pretty sweet map now we need Star Trek and Bord players. I do wish is was a bit bigger and that you could jump onto all the cubes on the map.
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I tested it and it's not good for gameplay when its bigger but mabye I will make it deeper if you know what I mean. Cool

SouL: Search for Youtube netradiant tutorials! Download lastest mapping support from (login: xonotic , password: g-23). There will be folder mapping and data, mapping folder consists of newest version of netradiant.
Also: Ask on IRC especially on channels like:


If you see me on IRC - feel free to ask your questions

PS: This might be usefull for beginners: http://ww

cool simple map ... i like the style ... but dont like the invisible walls ....
And finally someone finds a "good" use for that metal lined plating texture ...

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