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Parallax/Offsetmapping help.

I'm trying to figure out how offsetmapping works in DP/Xonotic. One map in Xonotic (Newtonian Nightmare) got a very pronounced Parallax effect on the floors. But when I tried to emulate this effect using my own textures it didn't seem to work. Is it using the normalmap (coupled with shaderparams) to create the effect or does it use something else?

It´s using the alpha channel of the normalmap. Fully transparent in the normalmap means deep and opaque means high.

The easiest way to do this is creating a heightmap of your texture where black is the deepest point and white the highest. Then use this heightmap as a layer mask in Photoshop / GIMP so that it will make the black areas of the heightmap transparent in the normalmap.

Ah, thank you. That makes sense.

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