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Trying to understand darkplaces source code

I don't want to discourage you but here is one hard fact. You may have a lot of experience, you may be one of the best developers in the world. But you are only single person. You have only 24 hours a day. A team of 10 average people will do more than you. It took me a long time to realize that. It may be fun to code in C seeing that you control every tiny operation. But the development speed will be very slow, there will be tons of bugs. That's why "programmer productivity" languages skyrocketed. Because all people have 24 hours a day. And they usually choose to get something done rather than enjoying themselves.

DarkPlaces is hosted on svn and only LordHavoc and divVerent can add changes there. I haven't committed anything yet.

One word of advice though, install VirtualBox and some GNU/Linux distribution on it (I suggest Debian) and try learning coding there. It is extremely easier. Since Unix was written in C, GNU/Linux has "native" support for C and C++ development. Libraries are installed with a single command. All paths are standardized, etc.

Where can I get a team of 10 people though. Want to work for me, for free?

I looked at darkplaces commit history, there are a lot of people who commited, not just those two.

eh, haven't seen anything as good as ollydbg on linux. Changed back to windows just for it. Executable file format on linux is also weird, many different weird sections that do something, I'll never understand it. Don't want to change os just due to something as trivial as compiling something.

What's wrong with gdb?


You can wrap it in a decent IDE like CodeLite and QtCreator.

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