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[SOLVED] New maps don´t show up/ aren´t playable

My friend has the following problem: He can´t play new maps, like the Race map (from July) or my own map (heavy_metal). As far as I know he did everything right: Copied the downloaded pk3 package to the data folder. But the maps doesn´t show up in the menu and he also can´t play them by using the console.
Maps which are downloaded ingame are playable btw.

Does anyone has an idea what could be the problem?

With linux there is a directory of insatallation xonotic games where you have to put the pk3 file in xonotique / data /.
There is also the user's home directory is ~ / .xonotic / data and files pk3 therein can not be detected by the game. I imagine that there is something similar with winblows.

winblows? LOLBig Grin

Well, he´s using Windows Vista. (It would be so much easier with a Linux distribution.)

Any ideas?

I guess its the wrong folder.

Or is it in My Documents\My Games\xonotic\data ?

No. It´s in the data-folder where he also installed Xonotic. As far as I know in My Games/... there´s only stuff like downloaded content and screenshots.

Put it there, it should work.

He had mutliple Xonotic folders (probably because of the autobuild update) and put it in the wrong one. Now it works! Anyway thanks for the help!

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