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Planet Woune

I think this should fix it
... i kinda falied at fixing at editing the older link
new link

thaks for giving it a go kuniu the frogg ... nice to here that I may be on the right track

I cant seem to get this shader to be transparent ...
any suggestions?

here is the tga and the shader code ...
I also have a hty-xoni-logo-0001_norm.tga
and a hty-xoni-logo-0001_gloss.tga

.tga   hty-xoni-logo-0001.tga (Size: 70.93 KB / Downloads: 3)


    qer_editorimage textures/hty0001x/decals/hty-xoni-logo-0001
    surfaceparm trans
    surfaceparm nonsolid
    q3map_bouncescale 1.25
    dpoffsetmapping - .1 match8 100
    dpglossintensitymod  3
    dpglossexponentmod  4
    cull none

        map textures/hty0001x/decals/hty-xoni-logo-0001
        blendfunc blend

        map $lightmap
        rgbGen identity
        tcGen lightmap
        blendfunc filter


Remove the alphachannel of the texture and make all transparent areas black if you didn´t do that already. A normalmap and glossmap aren´t needed for this purpose btw!
I assume you´d like to make it also glowing so here we go:
    qer_editorimage textures/hty0001x/decals/hty-xoni-logo-0001
    surfaceparm trans
    surfaceparm nonsolid
    cull none
        map textures/hty0001x/decals/hty-xoni-logo-0001
        blendFunc add

Don´t forget to add your shader file name to the shaderlist!

cull none
seems pointless for a decal


What version of NetRadiant is that? It looks a lot different on Windows.

I'm using a recent version of the linux net radiant ... in kde ... with a dark color scheme

Please dont think of this as a decal ... im having a problem making any transparent shaders ...

i do remember that for tga files i do need an alpha channel ... and when using tga with alpha net readiant should show the transparency ..

(as opposed to the compressed jpg textures it uses that use a *_alpha.tga that do not show their alpha in radiant...)

ps ... of and about the cull none ... im sure if pulled that from one of the current offical decal shaders Tongue

edit :: i do have it in the shaderlist

You have to define the transparency in a shader. NetRadiant doesn´t know how to use alpha channels. Tongue

transparency can work in a few ways

alpha channel & blendFunc blend - typicality grates or glass and such where ou need semi-transparent surfaces

alphaFunc- when black'ish areas on the diffuse is good enough to define transparent areas

blendFunc add or filter when you want to overlay a texture (similar to screen and multiply layer mode in Photoshop)

official decal shades does indeed seem to use cull none, tough i cant remember why i put that there.

also: darkplaces specific shader directives

... ... ... ... ... Maddin was right ... it was working allong ... thanks for the help though ...

I had a busy school week ... and didn't get much done on the map ... I made the crate model ... a light model ...some texture work ... and fixed the nex doors ...

I plan to do tons of work (hopefully finish the map) next week ... not promises though

ok... a little planning ahead here ... I was wondering ... for the ctf map should I make something completely new ... or should I do a from-scratch remake of one of the classic nexuiz maps ... im thinking lostspace, or go, or greatwall... those kinds of maps...

... or should i come up with something completely new ... maybe not so nex heavy ...

edit .. in case i haven't stated it yet

plan ----------

Assault map (unnamed -- basic planning done) -> digsyite dm (in progress) -> a race map (if i have extra time(which i won't)) -> a ctf map (i have no f*%#king idea1 >.<)

I missed my update because kubuntu decided to die from a half installed wine package ...

so now I have mint installed and am currently recovering and reinstalling my tools...

I didn't loose any data ... but it botched up my "lets get stuff done" week...

Now I'm on spring break ... expect another test (hopefully alpha quality) pk3 this week

side note :: I am also planning to start work on the assault map this week too.

and all my dot dot dots turning into questionmark questionmark questionmarks is reall annoying ...

ok ... before i quadruple (or more) post ... SCREENSHOT


I didn't feel it was ready for a pk3 yet ... plus there are a lot of WIP / broken pieces atm (such as un-finished walkways -- opaque glass -- missing model weapon clips)

at its current state I am starting to work on the visuals ...

I have made a couple models (in radiant using the model render setting)
textures are coming along ok ... but they allways end up overly glossy ...

I made a new 2048x2048 rock texture this time using real photos of real rocks ... although with relief on it looks terrible ... ... at least it doesn't repeat much

Fixed the nex doors ... I'll show them once I get the glass shader fixed

lighting is currently much too bright and needs extra work ...

anyways ... there's your friday update ... and this time its actually on firday Big Grin
feel free to comment on anything

This already looks a lot better than the previous screenshots, good job Smile

Only one thing, better next time insert text instead of writing with paint Tongue



I didn't have any time out of my class hours to work on it this week

however ... the glass is tansparent again

and I started on some plant life Big Grin

The triangle things are going to be solar collection arrays (fancy solar panels)

Looking good Hutty!

uploaded pk3 ... look down a few posts

The latest version of my map ... I pk3ed it for you

for all of you who are too lazy to download it and plop it in your data dir ... i created a video for you Big Grin

VIDEO Big Grin

... (I might turn hutty's map time into an actual series ... eventually )...

this is piece of realy hard work, hutty! I 'd like to see final version soon (I think we all would).
1) Great job with the models
2) glass texture and rock texture could be better
3) Where are the plants? (or did I miss them?)
4) Insane and immense layout, well done!
5) I have doubts about this 'circling jumppads' at 8:00
6) I also have mixed feelings about adding all these 'secret rooms'... Mabye you overdid it a bit. All thoses triggers and hidden corridors are good, but pretty pointless in multiplayer game, when There are planty of others around.
7) Access to the nex 's never been so difficult Big Grin +1 for this!

... about the plants ... I cant make them till I get animated models figured out ...

don't worry ... I'm making three maps for planet woune ... the next one will have plenty of plants Big Grin

Judging from the screenshots and video I'd have to say well done! Gonna give it a spin later.

Oh wait.

finally got it uploaded
the pk3

Teaser for tomorrow's update


who need bump mapping when you can just make 3d tiles...
Big Grin

Nice progress on this, hutty. I like what I see. Much.
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Hutty, could you reduce the .pk3 size a bit? It's a bit big atm! I mean I'm talking >100mb.

yeah ... that pk3 is very very not optimized ... I just threw my htyx-0001 texture folder in which does have several large tga textures that I am not using... seeing as this was just a quick development snapshot... I didn't bother do remove the unneeded stuff ... I literally just threw everything together...

I'll make it smaller next time I release a development preview...

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