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hey, im new

hi im new to a game well will be still downloading lol
well i played quake3 rarely,RTCW and some other games
trying this game because i like the way gameplay looks like
wish luck to a NOOB Big Grin

Good luck NOOB! Tongue

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Hi and welcome! We need more noobs, so that's alright Big Grin if you are looking for tips regarding gameplay, don't hesitate to ask experienced players you meet online, many of them are really helpful. Some even might do a private tutorial session for you :o)

Otherwise, you can also have a look at this: , you'll find a lot of useful tips in there.
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You n00b! Prepare to get p0wn3d!!!oneoneeleven

I'm just kidding, welcome to Xonotic! Smile Halogene was faster, be sure to read his guide, it's very informative and helpful!
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Hello there! Smile

Hope you will stay even when you get owned by more experienced players. Had quite a handfull of matches where new players just leave the game without saying a word after they got owned. This makes me sad...

hi , hes new

press t , to talk



Welcome here. And good luck NOOB Wink Tongue .

Nice to have some new players around.
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Hello you!

Don't confound "Noob" with "Newb", the meaning is totally different Tongue

BUT WELCOME TO THE GAME, hopefully it becomes better than its forerunner.
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Fresh blood!! Big Grin

Welcome. Wink
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Don't get discouraged by the currently very high skill average in Xonotic, a lot of players are old-timers from Nexuiz.
After you read halogene's guide you should be on the right track though, try to play some bots if you find online too dificult in the begining.
Happy Fragging!


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