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NetRadiant issues

Got a few bugs here, hope its proper place for posting Cool

1. Ctrl+tab doesn't work for floating windows layout, menu item doesn't too.
Got one with win XP 32 bit.

2. Radiant crashes, starting with numerous pk3 files. Limit is about 250 ones. The most recent build, which handles more packs is netradiant-1.5.0-20110223.

3. Bug with not loading decompiled maps, having faulty brush definition.
41552:3: parse error at '{': expected '#quake3-primitive'
brush 4134: parse error
entity 0: parse error

// brush 4134
// brush 4135
Could just skip such brushes, map loads after deleting every entry manually.

4. Missing feature: texture lock on rotations (and probably flips).
Cant imagine how hardcore is coding that though.


At least rotations should have working texture locks when using the "Brush Primitives" file format which is default in Xonotic's NetRadiant settings.

Which version of NetRadiant are you using? 20110223 is quite old.

As for many packs - can't be helped, is an operating system limit on the number of file descriptors. Maybe 1.5.0-20110223 kept a few less files open (e.g. less DLLs), but this can't be helped now.
BRLOGENSHFEGLE (core dumped)

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This brush parse error is caused by trying to import brush with normal texture projection into a map with alternate texture projection. You have to disable "brush primitives" in Preferences->Settings->Brush.

Sorry for giving your thread a low rating, I misclicked.

Checked the number of packs, old 20110223 build can handle. Its 503 ones. Pretty suspicious numbers, also the change was harsh. Sounds more like some var was changed to lower power of 2.

I have 6 radiants installed, learning bugs atm Big Grin
Checking issues with the most recent release, of course.

Thanks for pointing to brush primitives format, ZeroRadiant converted my project to it, and now everything is rotating and flipping perfectly. Though 20110223 build does it too. Angel

Quote:This brush parse error is caused by trying to import brush with normal texture projection into a map with alternate texture projection.
Sure its other case this time. I formatted *.bsp to *.map with q3map2 and the product cant be opened. There is no closing bracket in brush definition. Issue usually happens with big complex maps. I guess q3map2 gets over 65k coordinate, which causes writing no info about brush.

Also noted other lightweight issues:
- shift+a (SelectAllOfType) works for complex brush entities only after selecting whole entity. ExpandSelectionToEntities solves the problem.
- InvertSelection function ignores filters, so you can edit invisible parts.
Not too painful one, since you can invert selection with shift+lmb selection.

Also i have idea about optimizing of screen space usage with 1,3 and 4 layout modes. Its about enlarging of windows (2d, 3d, console, textures) on pointing them with mouse. So you point on the window and set it's size, next time you point it, size restores. Seems useful and easy/not risky to implement.

q3map2 bugs Blush

External lightmaps + light styles cause one. Lighmaps are calculated well, but the autogenerated shader has $lightmap entries instead of proper image links. Works ok on test map after correcting entries manually, but it doesn't seem possible on one with numerous light images.

Lights with linear falloff kinda fail using bump image (q3map_normalimage one). There can be seen completely black marks of bump mapping with light, falling at sharp angle to surface, but not true lightmap.

Test maps included
.zip (Size: 2.02 MB / Downloads: 0)

Quote:Two actually bad bugs
-toggling texture browser in 4x layout breaks one, can 'fix' by switching to console and back
(any windows version)
oops, happened just with XP styled window theme by ingar

Quote:-minimize entity inspector or any similar floating window - minimizes radiant, can't restore
true, but can restore
still a bug, but not that awfull

xonotic 0.8.0 release has q3map2 with broken -nosRGB parameter, which is in build menu
(enables sRGB)

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