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The Vehicles thread

(06-19-2012, 11:20 PM)hutty Wrote: please please please Big Grin

if video doesn'tt work ... link reader?

Dodgy maybe

Back to topic.

Did anyone looked how Unreal utilized vehicles? Beside the fact that vehicles are TPP, they have special Weapons against Vehicles.

Is this good idea? What do you think?

Current vehicle balance and mechanics are in large based on "vehicles are anti vehicle weapons". Possibly a AW weapon would be a good idea, tough im not sure if vehicles would be worth using if there was one - as you can attain kick ass speed and "pvp firepower" without them. If there's to be a AW weapon tough, it'd be interesting if it was something less dull then a gun that simply does massive damage against vehicles. Perhaps a EMP or shield suppressing weapon? Ideas are welcome!

I like the idea of a kind of EMP blast. It would have a long recharge period and would immobilise nearby vehicles.

(06-20-2012, 07:11 PM)Majki Wrote: Back to topic.

Did anyone looked how Unreal utilized vehicles? Beside the fact that vehicles are TPP, they have special Weapons against Vehicles.

Is this good idea? What do you think?

I'm thinking a more Tribes than Unreal style approach would be more suited given how much faster this game is.

Oh wait.

I would think an updated Seeker gun for the players on foot the best idea for my liking.
(Or up the nex damage on vehicles again, - right now it takes about 8? hits to down a flyer)

Also, the 'Bad Kharma' mutator i like - hopefully it would catch not only typefragging, unbalancing team switching, but also "gay agy" etc. comments.. ^^
A penalty on bad behaviour, that's very social for a virtual life game!

i understand that team play would balance the games quite a bit more (players vs. vehicles i mean).
but then again, no matter what, teamplay normally just doesnt happen.
someone camps his crab tank at the base and done, stalemate, boring.

1- I would love to see a clip for vehicles and a clip for players. As i said in other thread , flying vehicles in battlefield 3 have "more map" to move. Vehicles have a limit and players have another limit. If you are outside the players limit when your flying artifact is destroyed you die too.

2.- I would love to see turrets controlled by players. Having a turret that shoots automatically is most of the times boring, but having turrets where you can get inside and shoot by yourself is way better.

for one thing the small changes you did for the vehicle fighting balance today were fine.
i dont know you exact changes (your summary lines at are quite unspecific) but my impression from some games:

it was easier to down a flyer or others, i.e. with nex (didnt count hits neccessary).
one could even manage to lock the seeker gun a couple of times on a flyer. (guess luck)
flyer now needs (and can do so) more evasive movement to get not shot at, but obviously there are players who can use it devastatingly (hi pik_pok).

right now i dont understand when homing rockets shot from a glider car dont even go near the target.

The seeker gun proves quite some fun, and it encourages enemy movement, discourages camping, so its good behaviour. Please keep it targetting players too, not only vehicles as maybe planned.

The racer/glider rockets are a tad buggy still. The intention is that they should break off if the angle between the target and the missile becomes to steep (assuming you had a lock to begin with, of course) . I will likely remove that altogether now that the raptor has both flares and incoming missile alarm (and perhaps make the rockets fly & turn a little slower in return).

Im not sure what Samual have in mind for the seeker, if anything at all.

And yes the logs are short, i prefer spending the time on development not authoring log messages Wink

I got an idea, what about turrets which players are able to go into and steer?

We could have two different ones.

Anti-air / anti-personal - spraying bullets at high fire rate on primary, shooting short powerful burst which big hit area on secondary

Anti-vehicle - shooting big controllable rockets on primary at slow fire rate, and shooting smaller rockets on secondary with medium fire rate

I think this will make the defensive role more clear, so all the players arent going for the flag :-)

what do you guys says?

This is idea from UT2004. I'm UT2004 Zealot. I approve.

With smart level design, that can make Xonotic better game.

:-) I wish I could code in QuakeC so I could implement it, but now where dependent at tZork Tongue

I noticed that it was possible for flag carriers to hop inside of vehicles. For obvious reasons I hate that, but at the same time I realized the maps made for vehicles are nothing short of huge. With that said, here's a solution.

I propose removing the ability for flag carriers to enter vehicles and then taking the current grapple hook (the switchable one, not off-hand) and making the following modifications to it:

Limit it's range (we'll say like 15 feet or something for now)
Remove the pull it has (so that it doesn't pull you towards the object it's attached to)
Remove it's dependency on fuel
Set it to only attach to vehicles

Doing this will leave flag carriers exposed, but still allow them to hitch rides off of vehicles controlled by teammates. Just make sure that all vehicle CTF maps are set to have players spawn with this hook or tow cable or whatever the hell we'll call it.

As for countering the possibility of breaking maps by modifying the switchable grapple hook, I propose the following:

Enable the offhand grapple hook as a fuel-dependent powerup

Doing those will theoretically correct a problem with vehicle CTF and repurpose an otherwise redundant pick up.

Oh wait.

Quote:Enable the offhand grapple hook as a fuel-dependent powerup

I proposed the same thing somewhere before. Needless to say, I concur. Maybe make port-o-launch permanent until death too, but dependent on fuel as well, making fuel a "movement" kind of ammo.

Remove the pull? Then, what happens when the FC gets stuck in an obstacle and the vehicles tries to go forward? That might happen quite often.

Lee's new thread about Vehicles CTF has been merged into the existing Vehicles thread. Thanks to MrBougo for fixing some MyBB oddness Smile

The Vehicles thread has also been stickied.
"Yes, there was a spambot some time ago on these forums." - aa

My current issues with the vehicles are as follows:

They feel a little off with the momentum and stop dead when you exit them
It's possible to carry a flag while piloting a vehicle (I proposed a few ideas to combat this a few posts up)
The raptor feels just a little clunky, I think a feel closer to how the WarHawk handled (though I doubt it would be possible to fully do 6dof) in the PS1 game of the same name would be a good direction to aim for
FOV becomes a problem if your playing at higher than 90
No real anti-vehicular weapons on the maps (yet), I think modifying the TAG into something more capable would solve this though

If these issues were fixed, this game would be able to take on not just Unreal Tournament and QuakeWorld in terms of gameplay, but also give Tribes 2 a run for it's money.

Oh wait.

The vehicle idle physics are indeed in need of refinement, but its not high priority for me atm.

There is a cvar for disallowing flagss to be carried in vesicles, but this have not been gameplay tested much. I both like and dislike the idea; on one hand it would encourage more teamplay, on the other it would make vehicle ctf games even longer (not necessarily a bad thing, but seeing games lasting for an hr or more at times its easy to see how it could be frustrating). The hook idea could work tough, if i ever find the time and energy to code it Wink

FOV > 90 issues are very low prio for me, the only viable option i see is a separate for for vehicles, that would be best done in connection to moving vehicles to csqc and thats a huge lump of work, so not something that will happen soonish.

Another idea for Anti-Vehical Weapons.
The RL might have secondary fire which would be like primary, exept maybe a little faster projectile speed and slower refire rate and high ammo consumption. It would be accumulative it would have hiiight vehical damage, but miserable spread(mabee none at all), so a dirrect hit would be required.
[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]

i think you just describe the nex

anyways ... i agree with most of the said points ...

I would like to see more vehicles ... like an underground digger ... and a light cycle ... and something with car physics (where strafing just turns the wheels)

I would love to see some sort of mechas, they would work kinda like a huge armor/battlesuit equipped with heavy weapons. And of course I talk about mechas of reasonable size, clearly bigger than players on foot but not too big.

I think it would be fun to be able to bunny hop with them as well lol, and I mean seriously it would totally fit in Xonotic.

[quote='hutty' pid='45760' dateline='1343059234']
i think you just describe the nex
No. I should be a projectile, not a beam. It should have high vehicle damage. Nex should not be good against vehicles. RL should.
[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]


IMO VCTF in current state is broken/boring

Flag placements in Topoftheworld and Unsealedtrial beta are badly placed in Topof... theres no way of defending flag unless you actually camp behind base which is boring same thing can apply for Unsealedtrial just go to base grab the flag jump around the first rock and your done safe and sound

IMO bases need some more access points

in Topofth... you can easily destroy your ground glider....

I also dislike the automated defences IMO they should be deleted and replaced with movable manned turrets on rails

Umanned turrets are nearly useless skilled vehicle pilot can avoid them or destroy them easily

IMO battles in VCTF should be solved by force concentration not by endless loop of boring destroy turrets go in base take flag board vehicle and your done

Assault games should be adopted for vehicles too

Maps theres not enough maps i think that VCTF needs more maps set in cities or with multiple-corridor-like gameplay this type is optimal for small amount of players

if you really want to fix Vehicles play UT2004 or UT3...

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