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[SOLVED] Maps don't download in online play

As a result I find myself in a completely black arena, in which I can only see the other players and the collectables around. The collisions are apparently loaded but there are no textures whatsoever. I am running Xonotic 0.7.0 on a Debian 7.1 AMD64 laptop, I am using the 64bit client. How can I solve this? Thank you all!

make sure you have libcurl installed (dependency to download custom pk3s)
apt-get install libcurl3

Thanks, the problem is apparently gone now Smile

Anyway, how do I put the SOLVED prefix? I am a total noob.

You can check that prefix by editing your first post if I remember correctly.

Yep, use the list box next to the thread title when you edit your first post.

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