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[SUGGESTION] random hagar idea

Some guy from quake live was complaining that most weapons do area damage. How about making hagar shoot projectiles (slugs) instead of little rockets?

Plasma gun has splash damage too.

Ain't that another MG then?

Nah, it would still shoot projectiles, they just wouldn't be explosive.

Well then it´s still the same as before... or not? Really I think the Hagar is perfect how it is now, it has very minor splash damage anyway.

ZOMG, edited my previous post, I'm retarded today.

The idea is that you would have to aim more precisely but it would be more effective if you actually hit, same for the secondary which is cheap kill every time. Too easy to abuse, burst of slugs would kill too but there wouldn't be 100% chance of every projectile dealing damage.

Not sure it would work or not, also MG is going away.

(02-04-2014, 07:47 AM)frostwyrm333 Wrote: also MG is going away.
Never say this to Draelor!But i agree, almost all weapons in xonotic do area damage.
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Something like the (super)nailgun from QW?

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