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Newish player, wanted to share my ideas here

Hello, I'm an anonymous person from the Internet.
I recently started playing Xonotic. Already finished the campaign and now I'm having fun with this.
I wanted to share my ideas here, and I also might compose some music.
Anyway, I'm just being a decent person and saying hi here.

Hi and welcome! You might want to have a look at the Newbie Corner. For participating in organized matches, check out #xonotic.pickup on quakenet IRC.
My Xonstats Profile
Latest track on soundcloud: Farewell - to a better Place (piano improvisation)
New to Xonotic? Check out the Newbie Corner!


Hi and welcome to Xonotic! Big Grin

I'm looking forward to your music!

(05-27-2016, 04:57 AM)Maddin Wrote: Hi and welcome to Xonotic! Big Grin

I'm looking forward to your music!
I have some down right now which I think I will post soon.
It has a similar feel to X-Force, although it's done with a computer generated piano and guitar.

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