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New, and confused.

Im new here. Kinda lost haha
I started playing Xonotic like 4 hours ago, played like 23 campaigns missions and wanted to play some multiplayer
But, the game seems dead. I mean, there are like 500 servers online, but only 3 or 4 have like 2 people on it.
Is there something im doing wrong or what?

This game shows promise. I've been playing Quake Live for a while but there are lots of limitations that are pissing me off, so Xonotic looks like a VERY viable alternative, but as i said, game looks dead, at least on the servers that the multiplayer browser shows.

Any help would be nice. Cheers.

The majority of players is from EU, so this might be a reason. Usually we get 300-400 players per day -

Try joining some of the Xonotic irc channels: #Xonotic.pickup #Xonotic #pac.xon for either pickup matches or to setup a quick game.

EU or NA player? Either way, Welcome Smile
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Hi and welcome! You might want to have a look at the Newbie Corner, too, even though you have solid FPS experience :o)
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New to Xonotic? Check out the Newbie Corner!


Welcome to Xonotic!

Another reason why there is nobody playing right now is simply because it's Monday and the majority has to work/study/whatever. :oP Most games are played at the weekends. As SPLAT suggested you might want to join #xonotic.pickup on to easily set up a game.

Good fun and have luck!

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Eh. I'd say we have about as many players as QW. And most of our players aren't always off playing TF custom servers. No, they're all of playing insta+hook. :-D


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