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informative HUD you got there halogene...

It is probably like that only during spectatorship, and al the annoying text is removed with a cvar.
[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]

Actually I just use the standard hud, I just cropped the image to cut off the unnecessary surroundings. Should we split the discussion about my hud to a dedicated thread?
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my joke...

y u no understand

Also Justin I am hella jealous of your ability to run on those gfx settings.
dling now.


[Image: 4LHtsUrRmBM9O9elMyBAKg]

This map is awesome ...
The fences dissapearing at a distance can only be fixed with custom mip-maps ... and I cannot find any tools that let me modify said mip-maps ... (dont say gimp .dds plugin ... it lets me view them ... not edit them)

imho the red lines along the walls should glow like the blue ones ...

I like the gameplay ...
The map defiantly feels your style ... i could tell "this is a Justin map" while playing it

nice work

Hello again!

I am sorry for delay, I've been busy lately. I just finished version v5 of the map

Thank you, Hutty, I am glad you enjoy gameplay. Do you think its 3v3 map or rather more? I am also elated that my style is recognizable for you (I hope that in a good way)

Big thanks to Machine and Matthiaskrgr, who found bugs and overlapping brushes I could not.

[Image: v5preview.jpg]

[Image: v5preview2.jpg]
  • Overlaping brushes fixed.
  • few bugged trims fixed
  • real time lighting
  • my signature in the map as well as in the preview Smile
  • Nets in the middle are wisable with picmip enabled.

Good job! Smile Downloading now...

havent seen this good map in xonotic yet, definitely absolutely by far my fav. CTF map in this game, makes even me wanna play CTF if this map is on! Big Grin

gj justin keep your mapping up, expecting to see more your maps!

your fanboy


Could move them a bit to the right so they fit? Tongue
And the one in dust looks odd.

The trickjump at Nex is still not that great (Samual, BlaXpirit and I forgot share that opinion). Wink

You should fix your latest package. The folder with the lightmaps "catharsis-v05" is in the main directory of the package and not, as it should be, in "maps".

Replace the patchmesh terrain with lowerpoly terrain models!

Edit the mapinfo file and add a title! Don´t you see that it is misssing even when posting the screenshot of the mapinfo in game? Tongue

Wait I forgot something... what was it again... ah yes! Your map is going to be awesome! Big Grin

If you forgot that, that means you question the fact its awesome... Which is not. It is awesome!
[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]

Ehm, too much interpretation there I guess. I honestly think that this map will be very good (concerning gameplay and visuals) as soon as all "major bugs" are fixed. I never wanted to offend anybody nor imply that Justins map is crap. Jesus...

Settle down... take it easy. I must admit I forgot about few bugs and made mistake patching pk3. I must have been tired or in hurry. Thanks, Maddin for saying. This shall be fixed among other issues soon.

After some work v06 is ready:
[Image: catharsis-v06-checkit.jpg]
  • Some shader and textures changes
  • Mapinfo fixed
  • lightmaps fixed
  • easter egg!
  • new stairs models
  • Improoved pillars in the base
  • Minor changes
  • All texts are now in XOLONIUM font (made by Sev)
  • wait... what was that... Ah yes! Have fun!

(31.5 MB)

PS: First I would like to thank all those players and community members who support what Im doing (feedback and playing) - Especially... Ah, Just everone.
Second: The barrels don't have weapon clips on them, as Halogene noticed therefore when there are blown up you can actually stand where they were perviously. If you are there in their spawn time you might experience FPS drop. Such situations are not likely to happen though. But I removed weapon clips due to the fact I don't like (and noone else I suppose) invisible barriers. Barrels are completly solid when they are spawned though So no worries.
3rd thing is that Samual will definitely like the easter egg. Its dedicated mostly to him and all those who were complaining about balance. Big Grin

Oh an update! Big Grin Gonna check it out.

The map look Awesome! Great Job. I Have Radiant running My turn soon....
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Thank you! It always great to hear someone likes it. If you start mapping and you haven't seen it allready, this might be usefull for you to get started:
Good luck! Be creative!

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