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[SOLVED] misc_model : Support for specular and relief mapping?

Apparently misc_models don´t seem to support specular and relief mapping nor is the dot2product shader effect properly working. Is there any way to implement this? Misc_gamemodel does support these but is not meant for baking into the bsp as the regular misc_model is.

EDIT: Sorry for the trouble. It´s fixed. Please delete this post!

Don't delete this post! I can lock it and it'll get off the first page eventually.

Unless you really insist that it has to be removed. PM me then.

Could not he delete it himself anyway?

better yet, do tell how it was fixed.

I didn't realize it wasn't explained. Topic re-opened!

Ok, so to clear things up, this is what happened:

I´ve had a model which used a terrain blending texture (a shader including the dotproduct2 property). Though this model didn´t make any use of specular- and reliefmapping. See the terrain models in the map Warfare for this, they exactly represent this issue. But this issue is not model specific. It´s related to the dotproduct2 or the blending property. One more oddity shows up when using these shader properties is that BSP structure then supports reliefmapping but not specularmapping.

So misc_models do support specular and reliefmapping but shaders using a blending technique don´t.

Maybe some of you may try this out and we´ll see whether this behaviour can´t be confirmed?

By the way this is the shader I wrote:
    qer_editorimage textures/map_warfare/blends_earth_rock01_sand01.tga
    q3map_bounceScale  0.5
    dpoffsetmapping - 9 match8 168

    q3map_lightmapSampleOffset 8
    q3map_shadeangle 95

    q3map_alphaMod dotproduct2 ( 0 0 1 )

        map textures/phillipk2x/natural/pk02_rock01.tga // Primary

        map textures/phillipk2x/natural/pk02_sand01.tga // Secondary
        blendFunc GL_SRC_ALPHA GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA        
        alphaGen vertex

        map $lightmap
        blendFunc GL_DST_COLOR GL_ZERO

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